SCL Gingerbread Wonderland 2011

The Selma Charity League is responsible for this fun afternoon!  The 1st annual Gingerbread Wonderland was in 2006, when my buddy was just 10 months old!  He didn't do much but just sit in my lap and watch me decorate.  I still remember what he was wearing that day.  All of the ladies worked so hard to make sure everything was just perfect, and it was!  But, I do have to say as a fellow League member it sure is nice to just get to go now and not have to put on my elf hat and work ;) 

Of course he has to lick the icing off his finger, that is the only "fun" way. 

These boys are a HOOT~I had the best time listening to their conversations!  Thanks to my sweet friend Jana for our Gingerbread House this year.  Sam and Wiley did this masterpiece, while Jana ran around the joint like an elf with her head cut off!!

I kept wondering when I would pick up a piece of candy why it was wet and sticky--yuck they would taste it, not like it, and just set it back down....BOYS...

This is Lane, the sweetest baby boy!

Fairchild (Sam's sis) and Kylie doing a fine job

Brody and Wiley just being silly sitting in Santa's chair