Christmas time lately

I am going to combine it all in one, since I don't have a whole lot of time to blog about each and every event!
Do you remember my recent post In His Pockets? Well here is what I found last Friday, the day it all went d.o.w.n.

Do not ask me what these little balls are?!! I know this coke bottle top came from a trip to Carter's where we always get a glass bottle Coke to drink on our Fridays together!

Just a two pictures to show you what Bernard our Elf has been up to!  I just love the kids Elf.  He talks about kindness, sharing and other life lessons each day.  About 5 days before Christmas our cards explains the Birth of Jesus Christ up until Christmas Day! 

Talking a bubble bath (huge hit with Wild Man) Sipping on water with a cookie in hand~

Last Wednesday I had the kids in Mission Friends a Happy Birthday Jesus Party.  I read them stories and them let them "party" We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus too!  So much FUN!

This is Molly the Missionary that Wiley is holding! She just is in Uganda as we speak on a Mission Trip with my friend April.  When Molly gets back she will then explain what she did in Uganda and share pictures of her there!

A little baking never hurts!

Merry Christmas!  Have you finished all your shopping? I am almost there!

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