North Pole Express & Singing

Last weekend we went to the North Pole Express at Tucker's house.  They had Charlie Brown's Christmas on the outdoor screen, tons of snacks from cupcakes to goldfish and hot chocolate!  It was a treat, not to mention the train ride through all of the pretty Christmas lights.  My crew had a blast.

Sunday night the children sang at Church! What a joyous sound to hear children sing Christmas songs and little girls play the piano.  For three years I taught preschool choir and this was the first year I didn't teach.  It was nice to sit in my pew and just watch instead of trying directing!!  They finally had a "real" music teacher that could teach them how to sing in tune and play the piano :)

We tried to let baby sit with us and listen, but she just wanted to run down to the alter and be with the big kids so Dad took her across the street to the nursery.  She was so excited to see us and ready to go, until she darted back in and Rob pretended to leave her :( t.e.a.r.s.

Of course he scoops her up and kisses her face right off to make it up to her!


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Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Nothing better than hearing your child sing in church...even if they're staring in space and mumbling. Haha.

Btw...I love Wiley's shirt! :) And those are all some finely dressed children. Look at those smocked dresses. Definitely a southern thing. ;) So cute.

Sorry to hear Alice is sick this wknd. :( Hope she's better very soon!!!

And cute pic of the two of you at the end. :)