Better late than never

I know I am about, well a month or two behind on this particular post.  But hey, its life and WE are living it.  October was super busy, the busiest I have ever experienced.  We started with the County Fair, Pumpkin Patch visits, FBC fall festival--more parties for me and the hubs!  Super fun month and now I am going to overload you with some pictures.

Wiley is presenting Dr. Light at the FBC Fall Festival a Mum-It is bigger than he is!

Not sure how this little guy did this, but after spinning him round and round he pinned  the tail PERFECT!

                                                 I just love the laughter these two share

A little play time at the Pearce's after trick or treating and yummy stew!

Beth really is the best hostess and thinks of it all! Pumpkin decorating station after dinner!

alice's first house--my friend Mandy

Leika's Halloween Parade 2011

This wraps up October!  I love getting Sam, Wiley and Cade in a picture--They have been big buddies since the 2 year old class! 
This was a tearful (imagine that) event for me--It was my baby boy's LAST Leika's Halloween parade. I wasn't the only Momma that was sad (Beth) It is so hard to believe this is it!  The best part about the parade is the Kindergarten class gets to walk to all the downtown Drugstores and get candy! OHHHHH how I just love Leika's and what they have taught my child~

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