A Turkey and Buddy's

Robin has a new hunting buddy and his name is Wiley! This is the first year that our son is really asked to go hunting.  I knew the time would come, but not this soon, that he would want to go with Daddy instead of hanging out with me! Talk about making a Momma sad :( Daddy hunts about 20 minutes from our house and after lunch we meet halfway at Old Cahawba for the swap! 

The first picture Wiley said "Dad lets be cool and turn our hats around" and the second Dad talked him into just one more picture!

While these two went to the woods, my friend Mary Alise and her baby Lily came over.  Mary Alise and I have been great friends since we were in grammar school.  I had my first Alabama game experience with her and her sweet Daddy (3rd grade).  From spend the night parties, to Church functions and graduating High School together we have been great friends!  I wish I had more than one picture of our babies together, we didn't even think to get one of them Halloween night trick or treating!  I look forward to many more visits!

Lastly, Wiley had to disguise a turkey so he wouldn't get eaten this Thanksgiving! Can you guess what he and Dad disguised him as?

 You guessed it, a COWBOY!

Have a super week!

The Public Library

Wiley Boy and I usually hang out every.single.Friday. afternoon! A late lunch is always his choice~ Sonic, Taco Bell or El Ranchero.  A stroll to Carter's drugstore for a inexpensive treat or toy and maybe a candle for me! The Friday before Thanksgiving we decided we would walk over to the Library and spend some time before we picked baby up.  We played with blocks and he mastered building a Church and lastly we read a Thanksgiving book.

A few months ago, my friend Lauren, recommended that we check out The Magic Treehouse series.  Her little boy Teddy is a year older than Wiley and loves for her to read him a few chapters at night.  She knew we would love it too!  We checked out two books and Robin and I have been reading Midnight on the Moon and if I do say so, it is a great book!

Headed up to the Children's section

We had to check out the hamsters!

I asked him what he was building and his response "A Church" with a steeple and all!

His books~ We finished Midnight on the Moon today!
 AND, did you know that you have to be SIX years old to have a library card? Wiley was a little sad that he didn't get a library card, but I let him use mine.  I definitely know what we will be doing in just a little over 2 months.


Firsts: Thanksgiving 2010

Last year was many firsts for our family!  Baby's first Thanksgiving and Wild Man's first time to swim on Thanksgiving Day.  It was HOT outside but the pool was a bit chilly.

My precious babies

Muah on those cheeks and toes!

Hold on Cuz~I am taking you for a ride!

Doll Baby on her First Thanksgiving

I have no idea what these two were thinking!

Giddy UP!

Happy Thanksgiving week to ya!!  


"Witch" Party

I know it is one week until Thanksgiving and I am so behind on catching up with my October posts, but guess what?!!  That's life and it is busy FUN!!

My friend Julia Anne hosted her 2nd Annual Witch party.  The food was delish and the drinks were too!! We mingled throughout her lovely home and managed to spend tons of time by the outdoor fireplace singing along to new and "old school" music on the iPod!!  Her Halloween decor is TO.DIE.FOR. and every single room looked incredible. 

The front door made for a grand entrance as well as the stairway with the chains!  Even one of the half baths is amazing!

 Oops, my empty glass with blood dripping makes for a cute piece ;)

L.O.V.E. the candlesticks!

You know me and my Blondie self finally figured out what these were...DUH--Fingers!!! haha

What a super fun group of girls to spend a night of eating and socializing with!

Beth, Courtney and yours truly!

Julia Anne and Myself

These two gals always have an interesting conversation piece, my pals Haley and Mary Susan

Me with Michelle and Beth

I had so much fun this night catching up with new and old friends! Most definitely a fun tradition that "Juda" started with us!!




The end of September and October was full of parties!  We went to some cute ones too.  Curious George, a Tennis party and Hello Kitty. 

My adorable neice turned 3

Anne Frances turned 6 and her tennis party was a big hit!

Foster turned one and his party was Curious George!  Adorable and fun party for both of my little ones!  You can see his Mom's blog here

Have a great week~ I am headed to bed!


Ohh Wee, a toothbrush & 18 months!

Alice loves to lay on her changing table while I am folding her clothes OR trying to change her diaper!  She lays her head down and says ohhh weee!!  What a great and fun age but exhausting for us.  She is all over the place and doesn't slow down.  Going out to eat is WILD interesting.  Sis is content for about 20 minutes and then it is total chaos! We all scarf our food down, Robin is trying to clean the floor where half of her food goes, he pays and I shove a little more food down and we run out the door.  Needless to say when we get in the car we both look at each other and gasp :)  We often say that we don't remember brother bear being so opinionated but she is a girl!!

This was back when her poor little nose was injured!

Y-Y loves to brush her teeth and he thinks it is even funnier when she bites the mess out of him!
Her teeth all clean

I took Alice for her 18 month check up on Friday! She had a great report and only had to get one shot, Hep A~ YY went along and got his flu shot and he was a.n.g.r.y.  but was more upset that his sister cried when she got her shot! Such a sweet brother.

Alice 18 month stats:

Height:  33"
Weight:  26 pounds
Head:  18 1/2

Loves outside and loves to ride the lawnmower with her PawPaw at daycare
Looks for and calls for YY every.single.morning and beats on his door to wake him up
She loves to cuddle with him in the mornings before we head out the door
She is VERY attached to me-We like to say she is a CLINGER (but I love it)
When she hears the front door open she calls daaddee daddy
She is still a pretty good eater-she will eat about anything you put in front of her
L.O.V.E.S. to read and loves any type of animal
Her favorite cartoon is Olivia and she even walks like Olivia (tippy toes) if you tell her to

Happy 18 months to you sister bear! We love you to Jupiter and back!!!


I am a Buffalo

I am a buffalo and I can move my shoulders, can you?  That was Wiley's part in the pretend play!  Really cute play.  I wasn't the only Mother that was tearful that it was our babies "last" pretend play at Leika's.  I think one reason I am sad about his last year is because it will be Alice's first year there next year and he will be gone :( I know I say this over and over, it is just something about Leika's!  I mean he has been in school less than 8 weeks and is reading~AND has memorized Psalm 100, King James version at that!  So proud of who our fella is becoming!  We love you so much Wild Man.

Love this last picture--He has spotted his Daddy and giving him a wave!!