Leika's Christmas

December was a busy busy month at Leika's. Just as soon as all the kids had Psalm 100 down pat they were on to learn Luke 2: 8-12 for the Christmas play.  I just love this little play they put on and if this didn't get us parents in the Christmas spirit nothing would!  I sobbed cried just about the entire time Wiley's class came out.  As soon as I saw my little wiseman the tears came flooding.  Robin couldn't make it, couldn't break away from the office but thankfully his our best friend James was there to video while I snapped pictures like a mad woman!

A new friend of mine that just moved to Selma said she was sitting kinda diagonally behind me and saw my crazy self crying that she started crying and she had to kinda shake her head out of it--her son wasn't even on stage ;) 

Two, Three and Four year old classes singing

I love it when this little boy spots me and ALWAYS gives me a wave--see him back there?!

 Mary and Joesph
(Tucker and Evey)

Whitt---A Shepard

We are so thankful for the Godly atmosphere at Leika's!

Now onto the Christmas Party.  His class was so lucky to have Ellie the Elf come in for a visit from the North Pole.  This "elf" is ahhmazing!  She has the best expressions and the cutest stories she tell the children.  Ellie even makes house visits ;)

And lastly, I will share a sweet picture I took of sissy in front of our Christmas tree.  We would find her here ALOT this Christmas season.  I am still enjoying my tree and the smell is unbelievable! I am keeping my tree up until the weekend, which is not the norm for me--it is usually down the day after Christmas, but I am in no hurry!

Wild Man is hunting this afternoon and baby is taking her 2nd nap.  And yes...she still takes two naps a day and sleeps 12 hours at night! We are blessed with children who love their sleep! 

My next post I will give you the OVERLOAD of our blissful Christmas.  



Ford Family said...

Precious wiseboy! ; ) Enjoyed our text chat tonight! xoxo!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

You sobbing, excuse me, crying (haha!) so much that it made your friend cry is pretty funny and sweet at the same time. What a special night, though. Glad you got video!

I love that last pic of your baby girl. So sweet. :)

Caroline Bobo said...

Good ole Leika's...love those days!! What a sweet play! Your tree is so pretty!!! Hope ya'll had a great Christmas