War Eagle & Roll Tide

Well it is football season again and I have one handsome AU football player and one precious AU/Alabama cheerleader!  I promised Robin that I would not let my baby girl be a Auburn fan but somehow I gave in, BUT not all the way....She has on BAMA bloomers!!

Last year Robin gave me tickets to the Iron Bowl and of course he didn't want to go because it was at the MOST BEAUTIFUL STADIUM, Bryant Denny!  Soooo me and my sis went--What a great time we had together!!  This year Robin got tickets again, and WE get to go together.  We don't get away much at all by ourselves so I am looking forward to it!!  ROLL TIDE and WAR EAGLE from our babies!!

Wild Man

Our 2011 Door Hanger

Have a great week!


Ruffle Bottom

The other day I heard total excitement coming from the dining room.  I ran in to find this sweet girl peaking out the front door as she watched her Daddy pulling into the driveway.  Of course the camera is always handy!!

I could squeeze this little ballerina!

She caught me snapping away!

Heading back to peak


This was when the house was in the middle of being painted and all the wall outlets were exposed.  As soon as we get things hung where they need to be and a few "new" things in place, I will share!! 

Wild Man was asleep by 8 tonight.  Leika's+Journey School+Church=Worn Slap OUT Wiley Bug!
Alice is in bed by 7 every night but Wednesday because of Church.  NayNay's+Church=Worn OUT Sis!



How is it possible that my baby boy started Kindergarten??!!  It makes me so sad that time has flown by so fast, but yet so happy to see what an amazing, sweet and smart boy he is becoming!  Wiley is the most loving and laid back child a Mom could ask for.  I love the fact that he still eats me up and is not afraid to hug and kiss me every single morning when I carry walk him into school.  Some days he lets me carry him, I know he is too big but you know what I say about that???  One DAY and one day soon he will not want me to and will be way to big to carry!  He assures me though that he will always be my baby and even when he is in College, I can come visit him and he will let me hold and rock him like a baby :(  talk about making a  momma wanna cry!! 

Robin and I decided that Wiley would stay at Leika's for Kindergarten.  It was really a NO-brainer for that matter!  His teacher, "Miss Rosemary" is phenomenal.  They say that her teaching method is unbelievable and I believe it! 

All ready for bed at 8:00 and a Bible bedtime story read by Dad.

He had a "meet" the teacher back in August because Miss Rosemary was going to be in Thailand the 1st two days of school!

But he had this teacher while she was away! His 4 year old teacher "Miss Andrea" and we L.O.V.E. her!

Leika's has a Pencil Bag tradition.  Every Kindergartner has a pencil bag and it has to be made.  I picked his out to be none other than his favorite team A.U.B.U.R.N. He couldn't be happier with my choice!! The funny thing is, his best friend since the 2 year old class Caden's Mom had the same idea I had.  The boys were so excited to see each other's bag and the similarities they had!!   A batman backpack and lunchbox of his choice too!

Wiley has been with Nay Nay since he was 4 months old and this was his last summer with her, with the exception of Holidays out of school!  She and Paw Paw have been so wonderful to him. 

Off to see his friends!  This little boy asked me every single day for two weeks..."What is taking so long for school to get here"

The Pearce girls, Anne Frances and Libby with Wild Man
Signing In
Me and my BIG BOY!!

So happy to finally be in Kindergarten!!! YAY!!!

Wiley and Caden

And SAM giving Wiley a B.I.G. hug!!

To Wiley:  We love you so much and are so very proud of you!  I love the fact that you LOVE school and want to learn! May all your dreams and wishes come true! Love--Mom and Dad


Water balloons and Four Wheeler Rides

After two years of teaching preschool choir at FBC, they realized that my friend Susan and I couldn't carry a tune! NOT REALLY.  We are teaching Mission Friends this year on Wednesday nights and we could not be any happier.  Mission Friends is right up my alley.  Susan and I went to a workshop last Saturday in Thomasville and it went great.  Last Wednesday night was our kickoff and we had so many new faces this year. 

The first picture is Wiley and Claire and the bottom picture is the kids at stations playing games related to our lesson!

When I arrived home from the workshop I found these two boys having a water balloon fight!! Wild Man loves a water balloon or anything to do with water for that matter.

LOVE Wild Man's face in these two!

Wiley loves riding Alice around on his four wheeler! She will probably be riding her own next summer and driving him around :(

Pure sweetness, these TWO!!  We are so blessed to have healthy, happy and sweet babies!!


The painters have finished painting our house! Whew am I a happy woman.  I thought this day would never come, but it is completed and looks GREAT!!! I have some things to be framed and then Lea will come to hang.  It has been about 10 years since the house has been completely painted, so this was well overdue.  The ceilings made the biggest difference and my cabinets--L.O.V.E. them!!

While the painters were here, I was busy painting myself...door hangers!!!  I painted all day Saturday and Labor Day.  Fifteen pumpkins, about twelve witch hats and a school bus for Wiley's first day of Kindergarten. I took a picture in between steps (only about 12 steps per hanger) They are worth every penny of $35!!!