Two things about me this week


This week I have been running my legs off (literally).  Getting home and cooking dinner, running and so on...and sewing.  I have been up as late at 1:00 am trying to get it all d.o.n.e. I should not even be on this blog, instead I should be finishing my last touches on baby's dress.  But Coffee has been a must for me in the mornings and this sweet old postcard I found on Pinterest (follow me Angie King) sums up exactly how I feel about sewing for my children.  I want to have this printed and wrapped up in all of my their "hand sewn" treasures I.have.made.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am getting my hair foiled and cut and I will trim Wild Man's myself.

Happy almost Friday


The Zoo & Cupcakes

Last Saturday week, Robin and I thought it was a perfect day to take the kids to the zoo.  Baby took her usual morning nap and extended it a bit to 3 1/2 hours so when she woke up, she was r.e.a.d.y.  I had all our bags packed, snacks and all!  What a glorious day it was, nice and warm!! 

Alice and Wiley loved every animal this year.  Well not every animal.  My Wiley boy has been having bad dreams the past 6 months about dog gone alligators.  That silly show the hubby watches, Swamp People and the Alligator hunts on our Alabama River doesn't help the matter.  So when we came up on the gator, he stood way back and had lots of questions for his Daddy. The Montgomery Zoo is getting a sky park lift and we were hoping it was ready, but sadly not :(  We skipped out on the train ride because the line was ridiculous and the kids didn't mind, instead we opted for a cupcake treat afterwards.  Win-Win, right?!

Our little tour guide

She is something else

One of my favorite pictures.  She has her peep hole and he is on tippy toes


We had a blast at the zoo, but cupcakes were in order!

Wiley had a chocolate cupcake, Alice had Birthday Cake and Robin had Strawberry Lemonade.  Me, I had the St. Patrick's Day cupcake and you see, there is NO picture of mine---that's because I devoured it before I took a picture. 

Lastly, Day 2 of the Green Smoothie Challenge.  It is delish, but hubby and Wild Man thinks it looks like vomit.  Baby shared it with me tonight, that's my girl! Then me and the kids headed out for my run while Daddy kicked his feet up.

I'll be back with some more fun happenings in our Fam!


Today and My Birthday

Hey y'all! It has been on heck of a Monday.  Super busy at work training a new gal, not so sure how I feel about it.  Thankfully my husband beat me home from work and picked the kiddos up and we loaded up to get ferns, 7 to be exact.  Two sun ferns for huge pots by our front door, one hanging from our porch, two from our back porch and two on the swing.  The hubby again thinks I have lost my mind! We all played for a bit in the back yard and then Wild Man and I decided that it was time for my run since NO boot camp this week (spring break) wish they didn't have a week break, but I am not the boss lady ;) After a 40 minute run, home we are.  Baby is snuckered in bed and I am about to run to the grocery or should I say drive. 

I started a little challenge today.  7 days of green smoothies.  The blog that I told y'all before about is doing a little challenge and I am taking part! 

Up tonight is my Birthday celebration.  Catching up on all of our activities lately.  My sweet sweet friends got together and asked artist Amanda to come over and help teach us to paint her angels.  They are beautiful and if I say so myself all of ours our "wall worthy" .  I framed mine last weekend in Birmingham and hung it at the end of my hallway.  LOVE it and every time I look at it, I think of my friends and how much fun we had!  They all brought appetizers and Beth made my favorite dessert of her Mother's, toffee shortbread.  YUMMO and it is delish with coffee in the mornings! 

Turning 32 was great!  I have the greatest husband, kids and family a girl could ask for and the bestest (ha) friends too!!  Thanks to every.single.one. of you for celebrating my day, I had the most fun and am so thankful to have each of you. 

Our inspiration

Have a great week!


It is Wiley's Birthday-For real this time!

I love a birthday.  Each year when it is time to sing Happy Birthday and my kids blow out their candles, I always cry.always! I try to hold back because I know people think I am a sap, but it is so hard.  I am a very sentimental person.  Example 1:  He/She will never be this age on this day ever again.  Example 2:  I will never see it again...anything (my Mom had to cut a corner of the yellow shag carpet out of my bedroom as a child because....I.would.never.see.it.again. Weird I know!  So when it comes to my children I am the same way.  Looking at my boy tonight, I can't get over how long his legs are, how tall he has gotten and how smart and sweet he is.  A few bullets below and quotes!

  • Tuesday morning, I had 5:30 am boot camp.  So getting ready is always kinda a rush in this home.  Dad stays home and goes into work later 2 days a week just so I can get my sweat on.  I swear this is leading up to it...My sister's children were staying with my parents since it was their S.B. so I let WD skip school (too bc only 38 kids at his preschool/Kindergarten had the FLU and STREP--so we skipped a few days to be safe) Robin met up at Jack's so I could get him a biscuit when I got W one.  (normally my child gets homemade pancakes and bacon or muffins or biscuits and sausage...that.I.COOK.) HERE WE GO:  Wiley tells Rob 3 times he loves him and he hopes he has a great day...When Robin went to wake him that morning, Wiley said Dad are you feeling a little better this morning (He was a little sickly the night before).  How thoughtful of him to ask his Daddy if he was feeling better! Right?!!!  So driving away from Jack's he said "Mom, why do I love him so much? I mean I love him A.LOT. MOM!
  • I hear him talking to his Sister and tells her she is the cutest baby and that she says the cutest things baby.
  • "Can persons eat it?" Eat what Wiley? "Maple cured Salmon" he had been watching cartoons
  • While riding his bike along side of me while I was running Monday, he ran over a dead squirrel in the road.  He said "Was he asleep" UGH NO son, he was dead as a door nail because he did not look both ways before crossing the road!
  • He is loving baseball practice with his Daddy in the backyard
  • Loves digging in the dirt.  His speciality is Strawberry Melter Cake (been making it for years now)
  • Basketball...the boy can shoot hoops
  • Really loving legos these day.  Whether it is buying the kits to put together or lego games for the Wii
  • He is still tiny but getting really tall...He wore camo shorts he got for his 3rd Birthday from Uncle Paul tonight.  3 years he has gotten out of those shorts! nice ;)
I have lots of pictures from "OUR day" usually our day is Friday afternoons, but I took off half a day to spend with him on his birthday!

He woke up to balloons everywhere in his room, hanging from the doorway, hanging from the light fixture of the breakfast table, taped to his chair.  He said "this is cool" YEP--that is sweet tea for breakfast.  I know wrong, but his favorite!

Can't start our day with out a front door photo before school!

Toy Story is what he wanted for his school party--2 years in a row ;)

Mother made the adorable Cake Hanger.  The bottom part is chalk paint so Leika's can put the Birthday child's name and age on their birthday.  They kids are singing the Calypso Birthday song. Of course I cried at this...It is the last time he will ever, I mean EVER play the Birthday Bongos at Leika's! Robin still thinks I am off my rocker ;)

Best Dad ever to come to his party at School

Wiley went home with my Mom after his school party to work on his fort and I went back to teeth making for a bit.  I picked him up around 2 ish and asked him what did he want to do.  "Go to the Coffee Shop" So off we went for coffee, cookies and chocolate covered strawberries!  Next I had a surprise for him.  He and I go to the Library on our date day (Friday), He always has to use my card because you have to be 6 to get your very own library card.  I drove around to the back of the Library so he wouldn't know where we were.  He kept asking, where are we? We walked up to the front and he said "You are the best MOM, you remembered that when I turned SIX I could get my very own library card"--melted me! Next I said where to.  Holley's Farm and Garden.  The best place in Selma!  They have everything, I kid you not.  Our house was built in the 60's, and if we need anything fixed, that is the place to go, I promise they have parts to faucets that date back to then!  Any who--they have FISH too and baby ducks and chicks.  But my boy wanted a new fish.  His "passed" as he will say about 2 years ago.  Parachute was the first to die and Opossum was the next (he named them when he was 3) SO we got a new fish.  He had to be blue and red like Opitmus Prime (transformer), now our fish's name.  After that, we just went home and chilled out for a bit!  It was a great day!

We love you Wiley, Wiley Boy and Wild Man.  You make everyday more special.


Wiley's "Camping" Birthday Party

My friend Jana and I had our boys Birthday parties together this year.  I had the best time planning too.  For months I had put my thoughts together and ya know, I and I think Jana work better under a little stress and last minute planning.  The night before the party I made place cards for the food, made the Smores on  a stick and put bugs in a jar.  Jana and I were planning on leaving around 12 ish but we were both so anxious about "our" time and decorating we headed out at 11:00.  The party was at her Parents house in Perry County.  When I say it is unbelievable, that is an understatement.  The view from their back porch is breathtaking and the outside bed/swing would be calling my name every weekend.  We stopped at a little Country Store and grabbed a gourmet sandwich and headed to the Roast to scarf down eat our lunch and start decorating.  I blew up the helium balloons while J did a lot of other things.  I put glow sticks in the balloons for the mailbox (pretty cool)

I am about to have a picture overload.  Oh--forgot to add that this Winter in Alabama has been so weird.  We have gas heat and normally my power bill is cheap in the Winter and Gas is high, well not the case this year.  I think I have ran my air conditioner most everyday.  The day of the party was so dog gone cold...It was freeeezing and the wind was 20-30 mph.  WHOA baby!  We still had a fun time ;)

My parents were there of course along with my grandmother and my brother in law Paul always always comes and brings my niece and nephew, Lea had to work (tax season) and just could not break away.  My Mom said it could have been 20 below 0 and she still would have come!  Robin took baby home and my parents took Wiley, that way Jana and I could have some down time and could clean! This party came together and everything turned out just as I have envisioned...perfecto!!