It is time...way past time!

I have always wanted to do this, a blog, to keep up with our crazy fun life! I just never thought that I could possibly have the time to do so.  After pondering this idea for days now and thinking about how much our time is spent doing "unnecessary things"....This is the best route for me and my family!!  A BLOG!!!! That way, to me, it is like a diary but not a "secret diary".  So here we go~ please bear with me as I try to figure all of this out! I feel like I have so much to share so I will kick off with the beginning of our Summer!

Alice Taylor turns ONE!

 Next is BASEBALL! Yep Baseball and what a busy season it was~

                                                              Blue Ox, that's the team!

                                         Alice's shirt has a baseball on it and reads...wiley's sis

That's my boy! Coach pitch this year and buddy almost always made CONTACT with every ball pitched to him during a game, he had to hit off the tee a time or two but, well you know...We have a "hitter"! Robin and I both were ball players and we could not be more proud of Wiley "Wild Man" King! 

 The Blue Ox Team!  I love how I caught this little "black eyed" ball player off guard! Check him out :) Kinda my FAVORITE picture!!

As I finish my first blog, I am so thankful that I am sitting here doing this instead of in the ER like last thursday night (pretty much as Robin and I describe it) the WORST experience and time of our lives! Alice Taylor had a fever and it spiked high, fast which caused her to have a seizure, a 9 minute one...might as well been a dawg gone lifetime to us! She is okay and finally got over her fever virus...5 days later! Geez my Knees don't EVER want to go through that again! I remembered that Robin's Mother told me about 5 years ago when Wiley ran fever a lot that she said that Robin had ONE of the fever seizures, thank God she shared that with me, b/c when I was rocking baby in the dark and felt her shake badly, I knew exactly what was happening and WHY it was happening--but it certainly didn't make me feel any better! 

Until next time,

Angie (aka Agnus)