First Day of School

The first day of school was Wednesday, August 15th.  He went until 11:30 Wed, Thurs, and Friday to get aclimated to new things.  Monday starts a full day until 3:00.  He loves it so far and is eager to sit down with his Daddy for homework.  He says he loves P.E. and is already singing a cute song about a clock ticking and a tocking ;) 

Robin and I walked him in the first day and I was okay.  I teared up walking in and was good when we left.  I had my heart in my pocket and he had his.  Last year during school we both kept hearts in our pockets, and when we felt it throughout the day we would think about eachother.  I think I clinched my heart all morning long, because I could not get him off my mind! 

The second day I took him and as soon as I dropped him off in the carpool line, off he went.  I lost it and cried.cried hard.  All I could think about was that for four years, I had walked him up to his school and now he is BIG, big enough to walk in all.by.himself.  It is so weird driving the other way to school now.  It will take a lot of getting used to. 

We are looking forward to a wonderful 2012-2013 school year with Mrs. Cosby and all the new memories we will be making, like his 1st Pep Rally and 1st High School football game!!  I'm excited too, to step back on my old stomping ground.   


Meet the Teacher

Last Tuesday was meet the teacher day and take our school supplies!  Wiley was so excited to step foot on the campus of Morgan Academy, the school his Momma and Aunt Lea graduated from.  His teacher is Mrs. Cosby, and he couldn't be happier because he already has a wonderful relationship with her.  She was his teacher when he was 3 in Sunday School!

We are so proud of the young boy you are becoming Wiley and can't wait for all the new memories you are making in a new school. We love you so much, Momma


Auburn Fan Day

Last Sunday Robin and I took the kids to Auburn for Fan Day.  We met our friends The Ford Family! I haven't seen Shea in over 10  years probably, but feel like it was yesterday because we talk so much! 

Wiley and Robin ventured off, while Shea and I took a very unhappy Alice outside for some fresh air and cheese puffs!  I enjoyed that mostly because we could catch up!!  I took as many pictures as I could and then left the husband with our camera. 

Missing Alice, she was passed out in the car

This picture cracks us up, because she was crying. He said awe "the baby is crying, come here baby" She went to him and stopped crying, I stepped back and she lost it!

Wiley and Davis

I promise I still love Alabama (Roll Tide) BUT......I had to do this because I am out numbered here and.....Alice would not leave my side!


It's A Wrap

Wrapping up Summer.  I am just gonna share some pictures to document what all we did.  A whole lot of swimming, bike riding and going to the country to feed cows!  Wiley went to baseball camp with his Cousin at Samford University.  He stayed at my sister's for a whole week and was treated like a King!! From blow up water slides in the backyard to a night of bowling and krispy kreme!

I also hosted a baby shower for my childhood friend Mandy.  She is due in just a few short weeks!! We also went to a baby reveal party for our friends Kristen and Woody.  A trip to Wetumpka to play with the Norton's (THE BEST TIME), AND Robin and I managed to sneak away for dinner at The Tally Ho.

My little grocery shopper

Birthday Party at The Bowline Pool

Mister Birthday Party

Samford Baseball Camp

FBC Bowling

She is yelling Cannon Ball--YAY!!  2012 Olympics

Celebrating Rayne's baby!!

We had the BEST summer.  Thankful for so many memories!!