Olivia Goes to the Farm {Part III}

Wrapping up her party with some pictures of her friends that shared her big day with her.

She loved this spot 

Playing with Anna Henri and Olivia

Sipping on a "cold drink"

I caught Daddy stealing a kiss

Wiley boy was my face painter and he did a fine job

Look who is climbing through the fence!

Sweet friends Kylie and Maggie

Blowing out her candles

Sharing with Ryder

Singing Happy Birthday

Still singing Happy Birthday


Stats and Words

She had a great 2 year check-up.  We talked about the concern I have of her being so clingy and attached to me.  Basically after 20 minutes of discussion he told me that she has me a bit fooled.  Who knew???!!!  Robin and our babysitter remind me all the time that I did it and I wanted her to be like this ;)

He then did a FULL check up and when he looked in her mouth noticed it was red.  He wanted to do a strep test and guess what?!  It was positive.  We had no idea other than she was a little cranky and wouldn't drink all that great. Other than that set back she is healthy as a horse.

Height:  35 inches 80 percentile
Weight:  29 lbs. 80 percentile
Head:  47 cm 50 percentile

Her words, well I can't begin to type them all.  She says anything and everything and understands completely what is said to her.  Her favorites:  "I got it" and "Thank You" at the right time.
"See you tomorrow" is another favorite.
She knows who belongs to who, meaning:  She will go down the list of households.
"Nana, Paw Paw, Cole Cole(deceased), Buddy and Lilly" "Mimi, Papa, RooRoo (Rudy) and COW-moooo" and so on, even down to the kids at daycare and their parents.
She is a smart baby girl and we are so proud!!

She is attached to me and her pink elephant and loves her pink blanky too!
Just some kinks we are working out with her sleeping.  The past four weeks she has been waking up.  At first she was climbing out of her bed like a squirrel.  This was hard for us to accept because Wiley was in his baby bed until almost 4 and never climbed out.  We took the rail off of one side and she is still coming in our room at night.  She wants Daddy out and for it to just me the two of us. She still sleeps a good 12 hours so I can't complain and one long 3 hour nap!!  A big bed is in the works for her, but is in the shop and then being painted.  Hopefully that is all she wants is to be in a big bed like the rest of us.  I remind Daddy, who wants his bed back full time that she will be grown before we know it and its just temporary.

xoxo to our Alice Taylor



Olivia Goes to the Farm {Part II}

This party was so fun and everything turned out just the way I wanted.  Months of planning and prepartion paid off!  We will never forget the look on Alice's face when she arrived.   

Alice has several Olivia books and I bought this particualar one for her guests to sign and write her a little note in.  She will love reading this when she gets older.

Carrots with Ranch Dressing 

So glad my Aunt Jean thought to put this table in the middle of the barn.  There was a nice breeze coming through, my Wild Man plopped down here later! 

Foster's favorite was the pick up ducks, or should I say just the water.

Animal Crackers in a little barn box to take home

Would you look at our baby girl's face.  Nothing put pure excitment and happiness at her 2nd Birthday Party!  We love you Sissy!

Part III is coming up, a few more pictures and singing Happy Birthday to you.


Alice's Birthday Part I

I am going to do baby's birthday in a few parts because it is too much for one big one! 

I love to plan a birthday party.  I get this from my friend Angie who had a baby exactly 10 years before Alice to the date.  I always thought she was a bit insane, mainly because she would buy things 9 months before the party.  I get it now! 

Her favorite cartoon is Olivia and has been since she was about 9 months old.  She would walk on her tippy toes just like Olivia would when she could barely even walk.  She calls her YA.  As far as the animal theme went, the girl loves a horse and a cow.  We debated on whether to have it at my Aunt and Uncles or Robin's parents.  One has cows and one has horses.  Horses won!

Now here are just a few pictures.  I went with the colors red and turquoise.  Love these two colors together.  I found a girl on etsy that did our invitations and place cards and had them printed locally.  Easy and cheap!  Genett Bullard made her cake and I made the cupcakes and the rest of the food.

The utensils were red and the napkins were turquoise and I wrapped them in strips of burlap.  I served carrots in the little striped cups (etsy find) with ranch dressing.  My cupcakes were red/turquoise cake and they were delish!  We had hot dogs that we cut in half (thanks to Kristen for that idea) and nacho and cool ranch Doritos. The plates were the aluminum pie tins. 

Photography~for f.r.e.e. :  My friend Kristen (Thank you BIG)
Her Birthday outfit:  etsy 
Invitations:  etsy


this and that

The past two months are kinda a blur.  I have been running loco!  Just to share a few pictures before I dive into Alice's 2nd Birthday, her stats and what she is up to and Wiley boy's Kindergarten graduation.

My cat at my parents passed away at the 1st of May and it has made us all so very sad.  Especially since the last few days baby Alice will.not.stop. calling for him!  It is bizarre to say the least.  Not going into details, other than the fact he was 20 and I am so thankful I got to spend the last few days of his life snootering on him and kissing on him.  I was looking through some pictures from April and found some of Alice and Cole Cole.  Made me start crying...duh...what do ya expect, right?!! 

I remember the day my Daddy brought him when I was 12 years old.  Daddy was eating a hot dog on the side of the road and Cole (kitten) climbed up in his telephone truck.  Daddy shared his hot dog with him and that was the beginning of our love for Cole Cole!

Now for some funny pictures of Alice and her friend Foster.  His momma has been a friend of mine for a coon's age now and came over for coffee one morning.  These two couldn't get enough of each other! 

Gotta run..It is 10:20 and I have a lot I promised myself to do!! 


F.B.B. & B.O.S. 2012

For Wiley's birthday we surprised him with tickets to The Fresh Beat Band.  We love the FBB, all of us!  We have the CD and listen to it every.single.day.  It switches from the car to the truck.  Baby even knows all of the songs and sings in her own way ;)

We took off of work a few hours early to make a few stops along the way and made our way to Cracker Barrel.  This was Wiley's first time to eat there and he loved it.  He is a big breakfast boy so this was right up his alley.  $53 bucks later we headed to the concert.  You know he had to get some goodies out of the country store!!

It was so much fun!!  I had so much fun that I kinda had to contain myself because I was singing, clapping and dancing to every.single.song.  Even the husband clapped and loved it!!

He was dancing

We had a great DAY!

We made a pit stop at 9:30 to get some piping hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the ride home, and a chocolate chug of course.  When we arrived home, Mother said baby flipped out of her bed and was angry, looking for us.  See her right eye, swollen.  We later found out from my Daddy that she was jumping on the bed with my niece and bumped the foot board.  A few days later, her eye was back to normal!

The Saturday after the concert Robin and Wild Man headed out for a little "man time".  We are so lucky to have so much history right here in our home town.  Every April Civil War re-an actors from all over come for The Battle of Selma.  We have taken him every year since he was two, only because he loves it!!  I remember the last time I went, I was pregnant with Alice and had her two days later.  She was going nuts in my tummy--who wouldn't with canons and guns going off ;)  I sent Dad off with my little camera and asked him to please snap a few pictures.  He DID awesome.  I couldn't have done a better job myself!! 

I LOVE THIS PICTURE....so much!!!

Robin said about every 5 minutes, he would pick up both guns and shoot

We love you Wild Man and hope this was a birthday present to remember!