Christmas Eve

We did something a little different this year! We headed up to Birmingham to my Sister's for the day.  We had the best time and the kids loved getting to open presents together again.  The boys were so funny because they keep opening the same presents at the same time :) The marshmallow guns were a hit and as was the HUGE transformer! We at some delish food, and laughed , and cried (mother, meaning The Nana opening her photos). 

Get ready for p.h.o.t.o. overload!

BIL ate 8 cupcakes ;)

I think I started it, giving my BIL Paul a gag gift.  Last year he gave me a bright yellow softball and this year, well I will let the picture speak for itself.  I totally forgot his gag gift this year..golly gee, I am responsible for getting ALL the presents for both sides of our family and it slipped my mind!

Jingle Bell thongs that he sewed every.single.bell. on! It was hilarious-he got it all on video.  I NEVER get embarrassed about anything, but I did this time! My face was beat red, tears streaming down my face with laughter and my 3 year old niece saying, "Daddy sewed those panties for you" and Nephew (5) saying "Why don't you try them on for us Aunt Angie" My 80 year old grandma sitting in front of  me..geez..BUT it was a FAB gag gift.  Then at the end of the visit he told Rob to make sure I gave him a jingle bell jig!!  Now I have to put on my thinking cap for next year, because he has mine already mapped out!

We opened more presents and ate some more! The kids played outside because it was a GLORIOUS day. More overload..

Kids love stairs! Paul had to put chairs to block because baby would be at the top before we could blink.

Lea and Paul took us out to their new lot or should I say lots in Indian Springs--It is so beautiful out there and WHOA are the houses H.U.G.E. There are huge horse farms everywhere! The neighborhood butts up to Oak Mountain State park which itself is gorgeous (That's where hubby proposed to me) JP goes to Briarwood and the Highschool has a different campus close to where they will build their new home!

 Dan wanted to go to KK and get a Chocolate covered donut with sprinkles (thankfully a gas station had fresh ones..HA)

Traveling back to Selma the kids and I took a nap (mine 25 minutes, maybe) but it gave me a boost!

That night we had Christmas with the Kings. Somehow I managed to only get pictures before we left our house.  I think we were all "photo'ed" out at this point!  We had a great time and my MIL prepared a delish meal and my FAV---LACE cookies (we only get Christmas Eve)...unless I beg otherwise! I will share soon.

Wiley took this next picture.

 I am too tired for spell check and grammar checks~ Please excuse muah!

Next is Christmas Day



Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Jingle bell thong. Brilliant. Hilarious. Yep...totally embarrassing.
It's pretty much stuck in my head now.



BTW...did you know I'm a Samford grad? Had my share of Oak Mtn. days. Even camped there overnight...terrified of scary ax men...and ended up sleeping in the back of my friend's Explorer. Ha! Can you tell I'm a freaked-out Miami girl? ("You can take the girl out of Miami, but you can't take the Miami out of the girl." LOL!)

Ford Family said...

Jingle bell thong might just get you baby #3, just saying! ; ) Precious family and precious pics!!!

Caroline Bobo said...

What a fun day in B'ham for Christmas Eve! Hysterical about the thongs!!! heehee!! that is pretty good I must say! Love that the kids wanted you to try them on :) Beautiful family

April said...

I'm with Shea on the thongs. ;) Too funny! Loved all the pictures. You and your sister have beautiful children although I'm still not convinced you actually gave birth to baby girl-surely somehow Robin did. Haha

Great pics of you and your little man. Glad it was a great Christmas. Happy New Year!