Breakfast and Craziness

It has been one heck of a week! I will not go into details on this post, but I have been working 16 hour days since Monday.  That being....My day j.o.b., my job when I pick the children up and come home to cook dinner, clean the kitchen, laundry--you know the Momma duties, sister bear in bed at 7 and brother bear in bed at 8.  THEN--off to my other job for 6 weeks.....Painting for my Mother.  She had a bad fall leaving our sewing class Sunday night.  Without going into detail too much, she called my cell and I RAN OUT THE DOOR, kicking my shoes off to run faster to find her laid out on the curb.  It was awful and scared me so bad.  She was in a whole lot of pain.  I called Daddy and he was there in 3 minutes, I kid you not.  I grabbed a kid pillow and blanket that I keep in my car--snuggled her in and off to Montgomery they go.  She broke her elbow, thankfully no surgery, just a cast for 6 weeks.  Been there, done that--4 times (arm) ankle (once) We are accidents waiting to happen....soooooo that explains my long day.  My sister is a CPA and has pulled longer days than that for weeks at a time.  I DO NOT KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT!

With all that being said, I am behind on a ton of happenings.  Wiley's birthday party post, his actual birthday and my birthday.  All this will be coming soon. 

I wanted to share my latest breakfast addiction.  I love breakfast and have to eat it every single day.  Why? Because you are supposed to, it is the most important meal of the day AND it makes me feel good!  I normally eat the same thing every morning and swap it up, oh say every four weeks.  My friend Rayne follows a blog that I started reading and LOVE.  Peanut Butter Runner. I love Peanut Butter and I love to run, her blog is right up my alley! This week I started making her Overnight Oats!  I love it and it is so refreshing and flavorful.  The best part is it keeps me full until I have lunch.  Some days I can eat it all and some days I leave some.  Click on the links and it will take you to her blog and recipe. 

Hope y'all have had a great weekend. 

Our weekend plans are as follows:  Yard work, sewing, painting, relaxing and Church on Sunday (followed by a nap) Maybe a big pot of Taco soup tomorrow--got a little nippish here today!

Weird that I found this picture in my scrapbook things two weeks before Mom broke hers.

JP was in town for a few days and they spent the night together!

Alice and I got in a run after work one day!


Just a PEEK

Just a peek into Wiley and Sam's 6th Birthday Party (all BOYS)!  I had such a great time planning this party with Jana.  Her parents (being they were out of the State) were so gracious to let us have their party at The Roost.  They live in Perry County but goodness me you feel like you are in the mountains somewhere.  The view is AHHHmazing and so is there home. 

It was soooo super cold Saturday.  We had 70 degree weather the week before and the day of the party we had 30 mph winds and 30-45 degree weather!!  It was brrrrrr, but the boys didn't miss a beat. 

Tomorrow is my First Born's actual Birthday so we will celebrate again.  He will be playing the Birthday Bongos at Leika's one last time in the morning--tear!

The Birthday boys-Wiley & Sam

The Dessert Table

The Food Table
I have a million and two things to do this week, so I could not share it all tonight~Its 11:28 and I still have two loads, maybe three if the other load finishes drying to fold and put away before bed time. 

PLUS--Rob and I are out of air--we just blew up a ton of balloons and scattered them all in the Birthday boy's room and decorated his chair at the breakfast table~I can't wait until the morning when he wakes up to see balloons everywhere!!

I am off to fold~(Have I ever made the statement here that I would rather count rocks in my driveway then fold clothes! I despise it ;(  Night



It is so hard to believe that my baby boy is almost SIX.  We are having his party with his friend Sam at The Roost (Sam's grandparent's home) out in the country.  I can hardly wait.  The boys both wanted a BOYS.ONLY.PARTY. and I knew this would be perfect!  I have had the best time planning this and coming up with fun ideas.  Be on the lookout next week for a party post. 

Happy almost Birthday sweet boy Wild Man, we love you so very MUCH!


Loving the F.B.B.

My children are l.o.v.i.n.g. these guys and girls so much right now (and I kinda am too) 

I will tell more later ;)

This week is to finish up the last details of my almost 6 year olds birthday party.  Have a super week!


11 page reviews

11 page reviews on that last post of my messy home and not ONE.OF.YOU. readers had a comment for me?!!  Come on, I hear through my Mom and others that you stumbled across my blog and read it often, fess up and follow friends :) and most importantly I need some feedback here of what brings you to my blog. :)

Happy Saturday~We are relaxing, the men went fishing with Pawp and we have a Party to celebrate a sweet little girl's ONEderland Birthday!!

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO Millie and Lane (Osborn Originals), two special babies!!

Happy Saturday!


Does your house ever

look like this?

the pots and pans, compliments of little girl

little girl again

her shoes on the kitchen counter...don't even ask!

This is what our home looked like last Sunday evening.  After a trip to the grocery store and a quick dinner, my house was t.o.r.e. slap up!!!  I have never gone to bed without our house completely picked up and the dishes washed and put away.  I am the dishwasher and sometimes the Dad (because we do.not.have.a.dishwasher.!!!)  I think if we had one that we wouldn't use it!  I like to wake up to a clean house;  so when my house gets turned upside down in a matter of minutes, it give me the hibby jibby's!  It was spotless before my head hit the pillow.

from my kitchen,

Our Artist

Isaiah 64:8

But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.

Wiley boy had his last Leika's art show.  On the way there, of course I went down memory lane and got deja vu!  I thought about how it just seemed like last year that we were in that same place at that same time with our two year old son.  I remember what he even wore.  So then I started to shed a tear and the Dad looked at me and said you are crazy, what in the world are you gonna be like at his K graduation.  I said a basket case, that's why I will be needing a half a xanax. HA!

With that being said I couldn't be more happier with the young boy he is growing into and his love to learn new things.  His Bible verse knowledge blows my mind and is learning the books of the Bible now. 

My last post about baby loving to brush her teeth, well Wiley knows his fair share about teeth himself.  Wouldn't it be awesome if the both became dentist and practiced together?! That would make this Momma dental laboratory technician proud.  Wiley jumped in the car and the first thing he said was..."Mom, I am so glad it's Friday, our "date day"...BY the way Mom, Dr. James came to see us at school today.  I love that our friends are our kids Dentist.  We are so lucky to have both of them here!  Wiley then said that he was the only kid in the class that answered James correctly.  We had our Friday errands and then stopped by their house to take baby Lane his birthday gift.  Of course J had to brag on my boy and it made me ever so proud....OH Blondie me forgot to tell you the question.  He asked the children how many teeth they had? 20 my boy said!!!   I guess he has spent one too many afternoons with me at the Lab.

Explaining to his Dad his art

His is the center one matted in the blue.  It is the EARTH.  What he chose :)

I can hardly wait to get this artwork home.  I have two pieces that I want to frame!

happy weekend y'all!


Selma Walton Theater

The Selma Walton Theater is the happening place these days!  We are so thankful that we have a safe place to take our families to watch a "picture show", not to mention a historical Theater.  Wiley did just that this past Saturday morning with his bud Barron.  I think it is $3 in the mornings and that includes popcorn--NOW that's a deal!

These two also made friends with a deer named Rosie!  Mary Beth and Bob asked if Wiley could spend the entire day with them and of course I said YES~They went to the country and ran wild.  He smelled like a WILD RABBIT and his clothes were nasty.  I love Saturdays where he can make memories with friends.