It's time to decorate

It is Christmas at our house, what a glorious time of year!  Last year we went to Stephen's Christmas Tree Farm and cut our very own tree down.  As a little girl, each year we went to that very same tree farm!  I remember loading up in Daddy's pick up truck on Saturday mornings and walking and walking to find the perfect tree!  It was fun to take my kids their too!  A few pictures from last year~

Mr. Stephen's, Wiley & Robin

My babies have changed so much in just twelve short months!

This year we decided to go to Four Season to get a Frazer Fir instead of a Cedar.  We my go back to the Tree Farm next year when A.T. is a bit older...She is a tough cookie this year ;)

A birthday bruch at the Club to celebrate Mary Katherine turning 6.  Alice kept her distance from Santa but seemed to really like Mrs. Claus!  The last picture of is Alice and Anna Henri (BIG Church Buddies)

Now on to some of my favorite Christmas decorations~

I love a gingerbread house decorated by Wiley
Every Year since Wiley's first Christmas, I have his Santa pictures framed and now with his Sissy too!

This year we added Department 56 snow village to our decor and I must say that Wiley stares at it every.single.day.

My who-ville tree has all of the kiddo's homemade ornaments on them!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this tree

This is Wiley's favorite piece of our village--The postman, his truck and mailbox


Can't say it, but....This is Robin and Wiley's ornament

We are busy making memories this year.  I can't wait to share what else we have been up to.  But the Hubs and I are watching The Help and I have to go, he isn't going to wait much longer~ We watched Crazy Stupid Love last night (it was okay)!!



Ford Family said...

I just finished The Help a few minutes ago..It was fab! Love your village--beautimous!

April said...

The Help... Greatest movie I've seen in a really long time! B and I saw it at the movies, and I can't wait to get the DVD to watch it again. I thought CSL was just ok too.

Stephen's brings back great memories. How fun that you can keep the tradition going with your own children. Your babies sure have grown up in a year's time, especially Wiley. Love the framed Santa pics. And I want that village! :)

Ford Family said...

I think I figured it out...just check the little box after I leave a comment! Simple enough..I think I can handle that on.most.days!!!