In his pockets

I never know what I  might find in my little guy's pocket.  To be quite honest, I almost ALWAYS forget to check his pockets before I throw them in the washing machine! When I realize I have washed something it is usually when it is beating my dryer to death or I find some remnants in the washer.  Here is my find today:

Four pecans and one little metal thinga ma bob that goes on the end of a pen!
How do you pronounce "Pecans" Do you say it like this "pacan" or "peacan"

Robin and I joke, even my sister and Mother joke and say that he has hoarding tendencies and I do believe he does.  I will take a few pictures in the next couple of days to show you exactly what I mean.  It is just pure junk--He even asks our babysitter "do you have anything around here you do.not.want."  He does this everywhere he goes.  He loves it when he stays in Birmingham with my sister (AND my parents), he racks up both places--They usually end up having to check in his suitcase before he leaves because he stashes things away in the zippers!

Really I can't say much, he gets it honest....GUILTY ;)



April said...

I guess it's a boy thing because I always find things in the boys' pockets. I always forget to check before too. Why is that? You'd think we'd learn. :)

Can I just say it drives me nuts (no pun intended) to hear someone say pea-can. And I probably would have written that "pee-can" if you had not written it with an "a." Ha!

Ford Family said...

I'm sure I drag it out a little! ; )

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I'm about as southern as it gets...geographically speaking...any farther and I'm in Cuba, basically (haha), and I say it like "puh-con". :) And you???

Oh my...my boys always have rocks, Legos, string, you name it. Nature of boys for sure...but sounds like your little guy might have found a "hobby". Hahaha! That's so funny.