Go away BUG

This past weekend was a total nightmare to say the least!  Friday baby came down with the stomach bug.  Let me rewind and start with Thursday.  Rob had a little procedure done ( I will not say more, b/c he will k.i.l.l. me) and was down ALL weekend like when I say down LAID up.  On the couch not moving--okay that in itself is enough to drive me insane.  I am constantly picking up the house, baking or cooking or on the go!  I can't sit still. SO.  Then Friday came--Wiley's last day of school before Christmas break and a Party!  I went to his party and just about when it was over.  The babysitter called and said baby was throwing up ALOT! (We had plans to go see the Zoo lights that night)--FAIL (had plans to finish Christmas shopping--FAIL.  Alice continued Sat and Sun and MONDAY~ Three days, not continuous vomiting and diarrhea, but sporadic! Sunday came--Robin still laid up on the sofa--3:00 pm it hit Momma! Therefore I was out of commission from 3 pm until midnight.  Baby was walking around the house screaming my name, beating on the bedroom door calling me; Wiley coming in and out saying he is bored he needed to go somewhere and play--Dad, still LAID up...You get the picture?  Weekend from hell!  Monday comes and baby throws up one more time.  I am starting a separate paragraph for what is to come next about my BOY!

I wake up feeling so weak from my episode and Robin goes to the doctor for a check-up!  Wiley wakes up around 9ish and walks out of his room and looks WHITE AS A SHEET, I ask him "What is wrong" he says Mom I don't know! I barely pick up and his is feeling limpish and we struggle to get to a chair b/c my back is about out from the night before.  I sit down with him and he slips right through my arms, PASSING OUT! I then scooped him up with all I had and ran to lay him on the bed and he is blue around the mouth, lethargic and not saying a word~OH MY STARS I freaked! Called my Mother instead of 911 and screamed something along the lines...Wiley blue, passed out! I then called 911 and they connected me to Care ambulance and they said they would come and check him out.  By then he woke up kinda and Robin beeped in, switched over and told him Wiley blue called 911! He said he about blew that motor out of his F-150. He pulls up on two wheels, the Nana on two wheels and then PawPaw! They scoop him up and take him off. 

In the meantime--Robin tells me, I have surgery AGAIN at 1:00 today! Oh my can our weekend get any worse!  Come to find out the Husband didn't feed my boy dinner.  Oh he ate pretzels and chocolate.  Really Robin?!!  So I think he woke up and his blood sugar bottomed out.  They did chest x-rays and blood work.  White count was up a little but nothing major! 

That's about it and now it is Thursday and we are all WELL just in time for Jesus' Birthday! YAY~ Well almost--RDK is almost there, but back at work!! 

Baby has a grin behind that stopper ;)


Mary Carter said...

Bless you, friend! Call me if you EVER need anything!

Rayne said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! AWFUL!! I am glad things are on the up swing in time for Christmas, if you need me to run any errands for you, CALL!!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Oh my word, Angie! I'm sooo sorry. We have had just as much crazy/horribleness before. I know what it's like. Sending prayers your way!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I'll get back to you on the header issue!

Amanda said...

ewww...the stomach bug is the WORST!! Glad yall are on the mend! So scary about Wiley, I would have FREAKED out! Merry Merry, seems sickness hits it peak around Christmas every year.