January in a Nutshell

So many friends have missed my posts lately.  I have either gotten emails, text messages, phone calls or the look---I will not mention any names, well maybe one....Dr. James Osborn, so here is a little picture for you!

This little girl is a toothbrusher (is that a word?! ha)  Loves it and now I can't keep enough of them in our house (new ones).  When all is quiet and we can't find baby, rest assured she is standing on the "john" brushing her teeth!  She watches big brother and likes to copy him.  We even have to take a toothbrush to our sitter's, one stays in the car...you name it, she has it!  Now Rayne and James, she is ready to see you both!

We are so excited, meaning me and the kids that Deer Season is O.V.E.R. as of tomorrow! Between hunting and Rob's work schedule we never get to spend the time we want to.  It is so frustrating, the working part and getting home late.  But I know just as much as he does he would rather be here with us.  With that being said I am thinking we are having a date this Friday night.

We have done lots of fun things this month with Daddy, even though he is so busy.  Wiley has gone hunting at least once a week and Sister Bear and I got to spend lots of QT together!!  Robin had to work last Saturday so when he got home the kids and I were ready to get out of the house.  We hit the road to Prattville where we ate dinner at The Catfish House and then took the kids to The Bass Pro Shop! 

All the pictures I have tonight are from my iPhone, so pardon me!  I am still working with Jana planning the boys "Camping" Birthday Party.  On my agenda is to finish up the planning get the invites in the mail (I canNOT wait to share those with you--adorable), finish our taxes and then March (registering Wiley for Morgan Academy)  YIKES, I am so not ready for my baby to go to BIG school! He is not ready either.  The other day he asked if he could just stay at Leika's and then he said last night that he couldn't wait to be the Dad one day so he could be the boss.  I said well, where are you gonna live.  "OH me and sissy are gonna build a house in your front yard and live" I will remind him of this one day, only if I could keep him under my roof and all to myself! Oh WAIT--and to finish sewing Alice's Easter dress, bonnet and panty's! I have a ton to do, so I better run! 

Have a great week!! 

Wiley and Libby getting ready to Zip Line

My babies last year at The Bass Pro Shop

Check out that Catfish, it is the size of baby girl!

This smile lights my entire WORLD UP!

He is so sweet to "his baby" showing her the fish while patting her back!

My buddy Drake sticking his nose out of his house (heat lamp b/c we have had some c.o.l.d. nights!

Wiley's art he made for me while at Nana's last Monday

LOVE my new bedding!

The last two pictures are of my baby boy the week before I had Alice.  He was at Mom and Dad's in his fort outside taking a nap. 


A Recipe and More

Lace Cookies
(Alice, my Mother in Law's secret)

  • 2 cups regular oatmeal (NOT instant)
  • 1 heaping tablespoon self-rising flour
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 sticks oleo melted
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 eggs beaten
Melt butter in pan, stir in oats, flour, sugar; mix well.  Add eggs and vanilla.  Drop by 1/2 teaspoon on foil and bake on 325 degrees for about 8-10 minutes.  She says that you really have to watch closely and take out of the oven when the edges are light brown around the edges.  Let them cool completely and them peel them off the foil. 

My mother in law Alice makes these every single Christmas.  I asked her one day when we were there for a visit did she think she could whip us some up even though it wasn't Christmas.  I had no idea they were so easy! We sometimes give her a hard time for only making them for us once a year.  We fight over them, literally! Robin's brother gave me the hardest time this year because I wrapped up four to leave for Santa and well maybe more for Mrs. Claus. 

My MIL actually got this recipe, I think she said close to 40 years ago from when Papa was on his Pest Control route back when they first married from a sweet little lady who was always so good to him.  If she only knew how much these cookies meant to us and the memories we make every year tearing.them.up. 

Let me know if you make them and like them!

On a different note...Janaand Rayne's sister in law and Mac's wife posted a really helpful tip for expecting Momma's check it our here. Their whole family, almost, is blogging now! Check them all out. 

On my agenda lately:  Planning Wiley and Sam's 6th Camp-Out themed Birthday Party and planning baby's 2nd birthday party in May.

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay warm~it is burrr rabbit here!


Wiley the Ring Bearer

I have never shared these pictures on my blog and decided they were too good not to share.  Robin's cousin Amanda got married last November 2010 and Wiley was the ring bearer.  He did GREAT!  The Waters in Pike Road Alabama is were they exchanged vows.  It was faaa-reezing that day and you can see in the picture of little man he was an icicle hiding behind the pillow! Congratulations to the "newlywed's" Amanda and Matthew, they are expecting a baby girl in May--She has my exact due date that I had with Alice! We can't wait to meet Collins Elizabeth.

Wasn't she a beautiful bride?!

Next post is my MIL's recipe for Lace Cookies~


Baby time already?!

20 months

I have been waiting for the time when baby would be into babies.  Well just in the past week or two she is loving baby dolls.  My parents gave her a sweet cradle that she loves to piles all her babies and and sometimes get in there with them.

  • She loves balloons.  We had to by not one but two from the dollar store yesterday and had to take them into the grocery with us.  We just about can't go into a store that we do not leave without a b.a.l.l.o.o.n.
  • She loves to play in my jewelry box and pull everything out. 
  • She loves my make-up and brushes.
  • She loves to be startled and scared by saying ROAR...We have a awful looking mask that lays around the house and she likes for us to put in on.
  • Still loves to be outside and to go riding bikes.
  • Purses and cell phones
  • baby dolls

Even though she is into girly things, like purses, make-up, jewelry and babies---She will get down and dirty with her big brother.  Friday afternoon was perfect here...nice 75 degree temps in January (who knew?!) They play so great together and shot basketball (well she tries) and dug in the dirt for a few hours. 

Baby girl is talking up a storm.  Some favorites I love to hear:
  • Momma (when I walk in a room)
  • YY (Wiley)
  • Daddy
  • I get you
  • It hot, It hot
  • Paw Paw
  • Nana
  • Nae Nae (her sitter)
  • Lella for Bella her buddy at daycare
  • Bath
  • Eat
  • No No
  • Ba Ba (bottle) yes I still give her one and will for.a.long.time. (she is my last, well MAYBE??)
  • Rock Rock
  • Baby
She can pretty much say anything but is putting two and three words together.  She is a firecracker and is so clingy to me!  Cries in the mornings when I put my clothes on to go to work because she know we are about to be separated.  I do love it though, just makes it tough when leaving her and she cries for me...only for a minute I am sure! I EAT.HER.UP. and can't stop smooching on her cheeks..well we all can't stop! Some mornings she rides in YY's lap to the sitters (one door down) and I hear him kissing her cheeks.  I think it is hysterical when he says she is "his baby, and that I had her for him"

So sleepy after bath with her elephant, blanky and balloons!

We love you  sissy, baby, Ali, Alice, Alice Taylor, sister bear and sissy boo! Lots of nicknames huh?!


Big Buck Down

Robin went on a New Year's Eve afternoon hunt when he got off of work (he is telling me as I type)--And about 4:30 a couple of does came out and then "The Stud" !  He shot him at 4:45 and got down at dark (to let me lay up?!!) LOL--to give him time because he couldn't see where he went.  When he finally walked up on him, in the dark, it looked like a baby bull because he was so big.  OKAY okay, enough of Robin's details--now my thoughts about the matter.  I am so glad that he enjoys hunting, me however grew up with my Mother running the sales dept. at Walter Craig, Inc in Selma for 20 years and my Dad hunted like a mad man.  So now I could really care less.  I think it is boring and would rather be laying on my sofa in the cold watching Lifetime..haha!!  I used to "pretend" to kinda enjoy it, but nahhhhh not really!  Just went to spend time with the hubby ;)

Now for the proud pictures of my sweet thang!!  Did I mention that him being so late coming home kinda made a kink in our New Year's.  Me and the kids just went on ahead and he joined us...maybe an hour later! It took the first 3, well maybe 4 years to get used to being a "widow to a hunter" in the Winter, but now it gives us our much needed space!

Goodness gracious, I think it is so cruel and sad!  Poor guy :(  He was a whopper though!!  The biggest BODY deer (not point wise) that he has killed!

6 point, 220 lbs! (He says he is old, 5 1/2 or 6)


Happy New Year 2012



I can finally share most of our session from Alys Beach this summer.  Well I guess I should say last summer :(
She is not finished with all of Alice's one year pictures, but I will share those soon!! 


What I love most about these pictures is that it is not "staged" Wiley just does this!

These boys were  not "staged" LOVE THIS and they love each other

That is all for now!  Thanks to kai my friend Kelli for taking all of our pictures..since baby's birth!