Just a few

Oh my stars what a busy month October has been! I have so many post and still have to post on those 3 birthday parties I promised a few weeks back. 

1.  Trips to the Pumpkin Patch in Selma both kiddos and Clanton for Wiley
2.  Halloween on Dixie Costume Party 
3.  Company for a weekend
4.  Play date with Foster and his Momma
5.  2nd Annual Witch Party at Julia Anne's
6.  FBC Fall Festival
7.  Trick or Treating
8.  Wiley and I have been so busy in the kitchen baking, cooking and con cocking (is that a word?!!)   
9.  Did I mention that I fit in two 5 hour classes of French Hand Sewing and a full time job?!
10.  New Bible Study on Monday nights!
11.  Soccer Games every.single.Saturday.
12.  Halloween Parade
13.  Sickness for me and Wiley and trips to the Doctors (me-going on 4th week)
14.  Trip to Emergency Care in Birmingham for my severe allergic reaction

Ummmm, that just exhausted me typing that!!  BUT--It has been so much fun and I will do it over and over again in a red hot minute!

I will share a few of my favorite pictures that I captured this month~ but I promise I will post more! Some how I will manage to fit that in with everything else.

Just one of many~Julia Anne's FAB Halloween decor!


Ford Family said...

I feel like I am talking to myself when I am reading how busy you have been...I feel like no.matter.what. I am always on the GO!
Can't wait to see more pics..I'm jealous of JAB decor! So cute!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I think "busy" and "mother" are synonymous with "OVERWHELMED". Please tell me it's not just me! :)

We are "not islands in a stream"...we are the rushing current!

Great...now I have Dolly and Kenny in my head. Just what I wanted.

Oh, now you, too? Lol.

P.S. A friend of Kristen's is a friend of mine. I hadn't had time to check out your blog yet...but look...I'm following now! ;)

Now enjoy your day.

"Islands in the stream. That is what we are..."

So sorry. Most.random.comment.ever. And so goes the circus in my head. Lol!

April said...

My head is spinning just reading what all you've been up to. Oh my goodness that picture of baby girl... Do you constantly kiss her face off??? :)