You have got to be kidding me!

On the way home from the fair Monday night, Robin said that I had basically become a blog slacker!  So I must get better--he loves reading our blog and loves it when I scrapbook (which I have not done in years) I will try to get better and do updates more often!

This week I think has been my busiest week since I can even remember!  Another Rob statement:  "I do not feel sorry for you, you sign yourself up"  My response:  "I enjoy doing these things and I must do them" even though I am e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. and it is only Wednesday night!  M-Fair, T-Fair Pageant that I volunteer to help, W-Church, T-Lobster Fest at 8 with some of my favorite girls, F-the Nana and Pawp want us to go back to the fair with the cousins, S-Soccer @ 8 am and birthday party @ 12, S-Church, Birthday Party and French Hand Sewing class from 2:30 to 8. Whew that is jam packed!! 

Let me re-wind back to Monday.  Sister Bear has not been herself for about 7 days.  She became snotty and crying out in pain in her sleep....I knew this meant one thing and one thing only-EAR INFECTION!! My poor baby has had a dang ear infection practically every single month since she was 12 weeks old, #5 since tubes!!!  Now Wiley on the other hand had only ONE after tubes...She got tubes back in Feb and it is was only October 1 and this was number FIVE do you hear me...FIVE, this is the 3rd time I have said it ;)  It makes me angry but at the same time I realize it could be much worse!!!  Robin took her to the doctor to confirm my diagnosis--more cyprodex drops and 2 more weeks of Augmentin, did I mention that she just got off of two weeks of Augmentin 3 weeks ago?!!!  I called Children's to speak with our ENT and they said to bring her in next week and they would work her in.  So we shall see what the say October 12th!

On the other hand I will share a few sweet pictures of Sister Bear in the morning watching her favorite, Olivia!

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