Lobster Time

A few weeks ago, my friend Meredith sent out a mass email asking if any of us gals wanted to go to the Lobster Fest.  I have been only once and I think it was before I even had Wiley, so I was game!  At the time, I didn't even think about what week it was and it was bad timing--but I went anyway and so glad I did.  My dinner was delish and the company wasn't too shabby.  Meredith always makes me laugh every.single.time. I am with her and my other favorite girls, Lauren and Whitney.  We only took 3 pictures, well maybe 4 if you count the one that M took of the man that looked like her Daddy from afar and the camera flash went off in his face--yep she is crazy like that ;) 

Just seated!

The Lobster~Y.U.M.

YUCK~What's left!

Thankfully Bradford was sitting next to me and helped  well actually she did it all--She was so sweet and got all my lobster meat out for me!  It was so delicious.  Fun night--Thanks friends! What great company you always are.

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Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

My husband catches our lobster. That's right! A perk of living in South FL. ;)

The night sounded fun! Friends, good food...perfectf.