Sister's turn: Fair Part II

Finally, both my kiddos at the fair!  Let me start by saying that while I am inside getting our things together, Robin has both kids outside.  The reason being is that Alice is a bit of a clinger and likes to perch on my hip the minute I walk in the door! 
She always bolts towards the road so they, being Rob, Wiley and baby were in the road and she takes a nose dive on the asphalt!  He brings her in screaming with blood gushing down her face and I say "What did you do to her" I didn't mean it but was thinking it and it came out.  Like he pushed her down or something~ Her poor nose  :'(

After a good old peroxide to the nose and a pit stop at the W.D. for Neosporain + pain relief, we made it!
My parents brought my sister's kiddos to join us!  The boys had so much fun together and so did the girls--hard to believe that Alice can ride already. 

WARNING:  Picture overload

The best picture I could get

Her first time on the Carousel and she LOVED it so much!  When it stopped she screamed and jumped up and down, so back around we went for another ride!! 

weeeee~Holding on tight

I think this was their favorite--It is mine too!

Can't go to the Fair without playing "Pick up Ducks"

Maisie and Alice had so much fun riding the boats!  Sissy knew exactly what to do, hold on and steer!  Wiley was sweet and caught a duck for Alice to "choke" poor duck--wasn't but for a split second.  And Robin took her for a slide ride! 

She was fascinated by all the lights once it was dark.

I gave her a taste of my Caramel Apple with nuts and she took over!  I didn't get it back, but it was worth it because it kept her content until Wiley finished up at the dunking booth before heading home! 

In about 4 months Wiley will ask how long will it be before October gets here.  The countdown will begin and will be here before we know it!  Happy Fall to all!

Out like a light after a smash with the pavement and a night of rides and sugar!

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