Upward Soccer 2011

Our Soccer Player

Upward Soccer is such a great soccer program!  Every team is a winner, there are no losers and best of all--it is a Christian program.  Wiley asked last year to play and I didn't sign him up...selfishly because Alice was practically a newborn and the thought of getting a 3 month old baby up and out the door by 7:30 on a Saturday morning didn't sound great!  How's that for a run-on sentence :) 

He loves it and is really good.  The Falcons is the name of our team! He was sad to find out that Moss was on the Penguins but thankfully his other good pal Sam was on his team.

Wiley's Sis is his #1 Cheerleader!
Prayer after the game!

Happy Sister Bear!

Sam and Wiley take a break!

 What a beautiful weekend we had! The weather was nice and the sun was shining.  We had two birthday parties and they were both so stinking cute!! Stay tuned for pictures.  Saturday was a 1st birthday for Foster, my friend Kristen's beautiful little boy and the other was for Anne Frances who turned 6--SIX, hard to believe!!

Have a wonderful week!


April said...

What a handsome little soccer player you have. And you know my thoughts on baby girl. ;) Y'all are such a sweet family, Angie. You have a wonderful week too.

Ford Family said...

The most adorable soccer player and his sissy! ; )