Miss Manners and Wiley

Last month Leika's Kindergarten class got a visit from Miss Manners.  I asked Wiley who she was, since this is his 4th year to see her.  He explained that she was from England and that he had seen her before.  I asked him if he recognized her and who she was...He said I think it is "Miss" Em but I am not sure because I can never see her face! He is RIGHT but of course I didn't spoil it! 

His class has a Miss Manners Tea and the parents can come see them dressed like their Moms and Dads!  It was really the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Most of the boys wore their Dads ties and the girls, well they were kinda like Fancy Nancy ( I think that is her name) I am still learning this girl stuff :)  The room moms for September did a super job with the decoration and the theme!  It went with Leika's theme this year LEIKA'S WILD AND WONDERFUL.  It is a camp and wilderness theme!!  Their school shirts are so stinking cute this year too!!  I will share pictures of those soon!!

The invites the parents received and also the design of the t'shirts

Are those not the cutest decorations for a wilderness theme or what?!?!?!?!

Now onto our cutie patooties!!

The kiddos had their snacks on quilts and as you can see the boys sat on one and the girls sat on their own!   Miss Manners was very proud that the students were so well behaved and had such wonderful Manners! It is so hard to imagine that baby sister will meet Miss Manners next year in the two year old class!!

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Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Adorable and genius! What a creative way to help children learn manners. I think every school should do this. If only!