A Baby in Cowboy Boots

This little girl is loving sliding her feet in other peoples shoes at home these days!  Her new found favorite, her big brother YY or Widee or Bubba's cowboy boots!! He is a trooper and doesn't mind at all if she has them on! 

The other night just before bath, Robin yelled for me to grab the camera and come quick!  This is what I captured--Definately a "framer" She had gone in his room (in the dark) put his boots on the correct feet and proceeded to walk up and down the hall...and gracefully I might add! 

Me and Alice say "Put your cowboy boots on because I sure am enjoying mine in this chilly weather" 


Kristen said...

Oh my goodness... that is precious!!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

So cute. Or should I say "sew cute". :) I've considered carrying those bloomers in my boutique to monogram, but never have.

She's really adorable...but you know that. ;)