I am a Buffalo

I am a buffalo and I can move my shoulders, can you?  That was Wiley's part in the pretend play!  Really cute play.  I wasn't the only Mother that was tearful that it was our babies "last" pretend play at Leika's.  I think one reason I am sad about his last year is because it will be Alice's first year there next year and he will be gone :( I know I say this over and over, it is just something about Leika's!  I mean he has been in school less than 8 weeks and is reading~AND has memorized Psalm 100, King James version at that!  So proud of who our fella is becoming!  We love you so much Wild Man.

Love this last picture--He has spotted his Daddy and giving him a wave!! 

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Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

So cute. It's hard to see our babies grow up. My oldest is in 5th grade! It's like "Wait. What?"

Love that last picture. :) THOSE are the precious little moments we treasure as parents.