Special Memories

Cousin time and 15 months

What a busy week we have had here!  We are having our entire house painted and I can't be more ready to have things all back where they belong.  John Paul came to spend the week with all of us before school starts.  He and Wiley both will be in Kindergarten in just a few short weeks and I can't even believe it!! JP is going to Briarwood and Wiley will be at Leika's.  Wiley and I were having our usual chats and I told him that I was going to cry his 1st day and he assured me that I wouldn't by saying "Trust me Mom, you won't cry, trust" shaking his hand back and forth.  That boy sure knows what to say to melt me.  Here is just a few things that he says to me daily--I mean every.single.day!!
  • You look gorgeous Mom
  • You are the best Mom
  • I love you to Mars, Pluto, etc (all planets) and back
  • You make the best sweet tea Mom
  • He says that Alice Taylor is HIS baby and I just had her for him (How does a 5 year old come up with this???)
The boys rode bikes ALOT and I captured some sweet pictures of these boys, red faced and all!!

15 months has already flown by....
  • She wants to drink out of a big sippy cup (the hard playtex one)
  • When she sees a cup any cup she says.."TEA"
  • Sings patty cake with a "b" we know exactly what she is singing when we hear her
  • Eats just about anything, all fruits and vegetables
  • This baby has been the best sleeper since 6 weeks of age, just like Big Brother!  She sleeps 12-13 hours every.single.night and has 2 naps a day, 2 hour in the morning and 2-3 1/2 in the afternoon (they definetely take after their Daddy) and I am not griping!!
  • She is a "clinger" to my hip and me
  • Loves to read, loves it!! Loves to go for bike rides!
  • Deer--Can say Deer (1st word) and can spot one a mile away--ugh (Wiley is supposed to be Robin's little hunter not Alice, I am going to have to steer her in my direction--I kinda do not enjoy hunting!
  • Loves the cartoon Olivia and calls it PIGS!
  • Repeats a lot of what we say--Wiley was a early talker too!! 
  • Dadeeee Dadeeee Daaaadeeee- love to hear her that
I have to watch a close eye on her! The other night Robin and Wiley went out and it was just me and A.T. I started her bath, ran to her room to get her washcloth--ran back and LOOK---

Clothes and all, her hair a hot mess and she is all smiles!!  We are so lucky to have such a sweet and happy baby girl!!  We love you to the moon and back SIS!!!

A picture or two, well maybe THREE from August 2010--My baby girl has grown so much! 




Ford Family said...

such precious babies you have!

Rayne said...

They are soo cute!!