To Robin

August 11, 2011 Robin and I celebrate 10 years of marriage!! 

He proposed to me at Oak Mountain State Park and what a great memory I have of that day.  It was at the bottom of a waterfall.  There were tons of people above us looking down when he got down on his knee.  When I said YES and we were hugging we could hear the people cheering and clapping.  We were engaged in April of 2000 but had to give my parents at least one year from my sister Lea's wedding date which was July 8, 2000, so we picked a August 11, 2001!  My poor parents, two weddings a year and a month apart.

Robin and I have been married for 10 wonderful years! God could not have picked a better partner for me and I am forever thankful.  He is the best husband a girl could ask for not to mention a wonderful Father!!

I have uploaded a few pictures from our wedding day.  They are kinda blurry so pardon me, but I took them with my iPhone from our wedding album.  These are some of my favorites!! 

First Baptist Church looked beautiful!  Fred was our florist and did an amazing job!

My FAVORITE shot of me and Daddy just as he was about to walk me down the aisle!!

My Daddy giving me away--He joked with me that he had a bruise in his side where my elbow was digging into him because I was shaking so bad!!

Leaving the Church headed to our reception at Sturdivant Hall

And last but not least, my other favorite of us just before leaving our reception!!

Ten reasons why I am so lucky to be this man's wife~
  1. He loves God more than me
  2. He is a wonderful provider for our family
  3. He is the best husband and will do anything for me and I mean ANYthing
  4. Bends over backwards to help me with our precious ones
  5. Never complains about my sometimes constant occasional nagging
  6. Is the most laid back man I know
  7. He loves my cooking and will eat anything "new" even if he thinks it is awful
  8. I love it when he throws in an occasional serenade
  9. He is awesome at being the "Mom", bottles, bath time, diaper changes etc.
  10. Lastly, that he LOVES me unconditionally
I Love you Robin Daniel!!!

love~ Angie


April said...

That's a milestone, girl, especially in this day and age. Congratulations you two! Here's to ten more and then ten more and then ten more, etc., etc. :) Love the wedding pics.

Happy 10th!

Caroline Bobo said...

Happy Anniversary!! love all the sweet things you said about your hubby!! Enjoyed seeing your wedding pics!