Not herself

Sissy has not been herself lately! The hubby took her to our good ole family Doc, Dr. Burns~He is the best Doctor this side of the Mississippi and we are so grateful to him and his super nurse, Suzanne! Double Ear Infections and a red throat, but NO STREP, thank you Jesus!! Alice has had ear infections pretty much since birth, as did Wiley! Wiley never had another infection after his tubes, but baby on the other hand has had four since tubes.  I have one thing to say~ the old saying that breastfed babies do not get ear infections is so NOT TRUE! Wiley was breastfed for 13 months and Alice 7 months. We are ready for her to get well and STAY well!! 

  Not feeling 100% and the noise of Robin's truck tires, baby was out! 

Robin and his brother went to do a little work Monday evening at the hunting club.  Robin called me around 8ish and said that they had broken down and were waiting for a friend to come tow them back to town.  Well they arrived and with this in the back of Brian's work truck.  They spotted this big daddy rattlesnake in the road and "skidded" on him, well it locked the brakes up and the story was getting funnier and funnier hearing these two go at it as to who's fault it was they kept going back running over him! They say the truck started puttering and just wouldn't go anymore, all because of a snake minding his own business!

My little buddy on our daily lunch date yesterday! Gosh I am going to miss him like crazy at lunch when school starts back.


Kristen @jonesjourneyblog said...

Ear infections are awful. Hope Alice gets better soon! You sure do have a cute little lunch date there!

April said...

Aww poor baby girl. :( Ear infections are rotten on everyone. Hope she's back to her sweet smiling self soon!

Rayne said...

LOVE the new look, I am about to go check out the designer!! I think I am in the need of a "face lift too"!