We are going for

a bike ride!

While were vacationing on 30a, everyone was riding bikes!  Not the ordinary mountain bike and not the "bananna seat" bicycle, but a "Granny style" sord of bicycle.  You know the one with the big seats, & huge handle bars that kinda come up?! Well, I have one now along with the baby seat on the back for Alice Taylor to ride in! We thought since Wiley has it mastered now we needed to all ride!  Robin has my old Diamond Back from "back in the day" he rides but the seat is a tad bit uncomfortable for him and we usually end up swapping "sickles" along the way. We try to get in a ride most everyday that there is not something conflicting with our schedules, like Robin's work.

We are all set and ready to hit the road! 



Ford Family said...

Love it...I wanted a "granny" bike back in the spring, but Bubba thought it was going to be a fixture in our carport! ; ) We rode just about every day on our beach trip since the house we rented had a set of "granny" bikes!

Kristen Jones said...

Getting a bike with a seat for Foster is the next thing on my to-do list! I love riding bikes at the beach too. So fun!