Mum Mum is Yum Yum to Alice!  The Dad took Alice for a ride in the truck while Wiley and I made cupcakes Sunday afternoon.  It wasn't hard at all and really not time consuming, just pure fun!!  I have read 3 blogs over the past week that have made the same cupcakes so my little chef and I gave it a whirl.

Coloring the icing

cool rainbow huh?!!

love.love this face my little CHEF made!
Dad and Alice came home just in time for the finishing touches~ICING!!

Wiley made a delivery to the Pearces and the Garners--Fairchild in the background enjoying her cupcake too!!

Wiley's love for cooking/baking comes from Nana Janet! Just about everytime he has a Nana J day it involves cooking.  She even had Wiley at the age of TWO making her coffee.

happy baking~from my little chef to you,


Ford Family said...

Wish we lived closer, I would have liked a special delivery from your cutie pie! ; )

Kristen Jones said...

Cute cupcakes! I like that idea. Yummy!