Sunset River Cruise

with the Denmarks.

Yesterday evening we went with Hoyt, Haley (gaw-gaw) and their kiddos, Paisley and Payton to the river for a boat ride and a trip to Little Miami.  The river is so nasty and you have heard me say before a muddy ditch, but the kids love it.  A great time was had by all, minus Alice screaming over the life jacket, who could blame her, that thing was uncomfortable looking!

It is 9:00 and Wiley is still snoozing, Robin is at the Hunting Club for a work morning and Alice is back down for her morning nap.  I am enjoying a cup of Jo and staring at 2 loads of laundry that must be folded! A few pictures from our sunset cruise.

Wiley and Robin went with them last Friday evening too and they said this is what Wild Man did the entire time the boat was moving (staring out the back)

See how happy my girl was in that jacket?!!!  She has NO fear and loves the water!

We had a fun time and ended our trip with a ride under the Edmund Pettus Bridge~ Wiley's favorite thing to do! Downtown looked so beautiful lite up at night from a river view.

Before I leave, I must talk about what happened yesterday! I have my Friday afternoons blocked off for Wiley.  It is all about him on Fridays. Wiley came to work with me for a little while and then we met Haley for lunch at Mexico (El Rancheros); can't leave a trip from Downtown Selma with Wild Man without making a trip down to Carter's Drug to check out the toys. He left with a blue Angel plane (pretty cool, if I must say). WELL----We went for his hair cut (BIG MISTAKE, 2nd time we have been to this particular "joint" they called him over and I told her just to trim it up, trip his side burns and shorten the back a little...When I said trim the back up, I guess I did NOT make my self very clear!!!!!  She asked if we used the clippers, I said yes just in the back and side burns...ME:  reading a my new read The Help hearing the clippers going...look up to see that chunks of hair coming from the clippers and the tatted up woman SHAVING my baby boy's hair--I GASPED so loud that the lady getting her hair done beside him looked at me and knew that I was so sick to my stomach--I said from across the way NOOOOOOO we do NOT use clippers for his entire HEAD, well too late! I was sick to my stomach, like I am dead serious--SICK..my stomach started cramping really bad! When all said and done, it is a super cute hair cut just SHORT! It is hair and it will grow, yea by December. I told Wiley that he looked super nice and I loved it. I then drove to Nana Janets and she said it was the best hair cut he has ever had--right, only trying to make this little momma feel better!

It is a gloomy day here, so the Wild Man and I are going to make cupcakes. A recipe I found from another blogger!! I hope ours turns out as cute as theirs!!

Happy Saturday,

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