I'm Back

Hey y'all!  I have been on somewhat of a blog hiatus and for that I apologize.  A whole lot has happened over the past two months and I am about to fill you all in this week. 
I'll start by sharing that our house flooded back on September 4th when the gi-normous amount of rainfall from Hurricane, well I can't remember his or her name ;)  Well we were at work when my neighbors called.  They thought the water was coming in from the doorway, WRONG.  We had sewage back-up in our house coming from the sinks and bathtubs.  Not to go into detail, BUT we had to move out and live with my grandmother.  Thankfully, she has a rather large house and we all had our own bedrooms, (well one room was empty because my girl slept with me) We decided after about 5 weeks we needed to come home, floors or no floors.  We still are living on the slab, but we are home and the house has been professionally cleaned!!  We hope to have new floors this week, although I have been saying that for 6 weeks now.  Dang contractors and insurance!  We lost a LOT of valuables including our laptop, all of Alice's baby dolls, all of there books, luggage, bath mats, bed skirts, my senior yearbook...you name it we lost it!  Think about what all you have on the floor and stored under beds (if you are like us and have no storage space) 
This was  freak thing and we hope it never happens again!  See Robin had our sewer lines from our house to the road replaced about a year ago.  So, it is the city's fault that our man holes are not cleaned out properly because the line from our house to the street was brand NEW!
I am back and can't wait to update.


Kay said...

Oh Angie! I'm so sorry to hear about this- what a nightmare!!! Glad you're back blogging though, as you were definitely missed. And, I'll be praying that the floors are in soon!!

Katie said...

Hooray for a Angie King blog post showing up on my feed this morning!!

Gail@Sophisticated Steps said...

Oh my goodness, Angie! I'm so sorry. I wish I were reading happier things. I'm sure you would have liked to write about happier things. (Hopefully some of those are coming.)

I think I'll go tidy up my floor storage areas now. You never expect THAT to happen!

Ford Family said...

Glad you are back sweet friend! :) xoxo!