I realize October has come and gone, but this Momma is still trying to play catch up!!  We moved back home the 2nd week of October I think and we have been in complete chaos since.  We have part of our floors, meaning Den only and we do have our Christmas tree up so that is a huge plus!  Our bedroom carpet will be installed Wednesday, hooray!!

Wiley is in Tiger Cubs this year and I have to say he loves it!  Their first little project was the Father/Son cake bake.  The theme was outdoors and of course my boys went with Deer in a green field with a box stand!  Robin and Wiley did this all by themselves while I perched on the sofa watching Dirty Dancing.  Wiley won 1st place in his age division and he could not have been prouder. (had to be totally edible, they made the deer out of fondant)

Then, we celebrated the upcoming birth of our good friends Kristen and Woody's baby.  A group of us hosted and Rayne's parents so graciously let us have it at their home "The Roost"

Next was the annual Witch Party at The Minter's.  This lady knows how to throw a awesome party, Halloween at that! Her decorations speak for themselves.  We had the best time eating and just catching up with old friends!

After Church we walked the kids over to do what we thought was take a few pictures.  You see, they didn't think it was such a great idea and it was fa-reezing!!

and now...Halloween!  Of course Wild Man picks his own out now, Bobo Fett (I guess that is how you spell it) from Star Wars and Alice was my cute little clown.  She had a blast following her brother's footsteps going door to door.

Lastly our fall festival at FBC.  This is sissy marching in the parade.  I can't believe she is big enough I don't have to follow behind her ;(

Hudson, such a pretty baby boy

George and Wiley

I used to swing in those very swings when I was her age.  Its a wonder they are not dry rotted! She had a ball, and so did my buddy boy. 

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