Fair Time

Every year the first week of October the Central Alabama Fair comes to Selma.  Its a very small fair, but just big enough for our kids to enjoy and not get overwhelmed.  This is the 2nd year that Wild Man has enjoyed riding all the big rides.  He rode rides this year that I probably wouldn't ride.  We just knew that Alice would love all the kiddie rides.  Well she did, but not until about 2 hours in.  She wanted to ride ALL the big rides with Wiley and just didn't understand yet why she couldn't.  I think we have our hands full!  Robin and I took turns on the Carousel.  I lost count after 8 times. 

Walt and Wiley riding The Cliff Hanger (3 times in a row)

Sister is watching Wiley ride Big

Wiley sharing the baby duck with "his baby"

Wiley and Mary Katherine

Georgia and Alice

Wiley and Jake (Georgia's Brother)

In the end Wiley was such a good sport riding the kiddie rides with his sister! 
After stuffing our faces with Cozy Dogs, funnel cakes and cotton candy.  We called it a night and left at 9:30. 


Katie said...

I love the fact that Alice has those boots on with those frilly pants! SO stinkin' cute!

Gail@Sophisticated Steps said...

I think the sound of a small town fair is much better than the mass of chaos, grit and hoodlums at our huge one every Spring. I haven't gone in years. I used to love it when I didn't know any better. Lol.

What a fun family event. Previous memories for your kiddos. :)

April said...

We couldn't make it to the fair this year. :( We're closer to the big one in Montgomery but usually try to make it to Selma. It's the BEST! Love all the pictures.