Wedding Bells

Some very good friends of ours got married on October 13th.  Robin and Hunter grew up together and are still the best of friends.  When I met his bride to be "Aunt Tara" I knew she was the one for him.  I told Robin, I give it 8 months and they will be engaged.  I was pretty darn close.  She is the sweetest girl and so easy to talk to and love. 
They asked us I think the day after they got engaged if the kids could be in the wedding.  Is the Pope Catholic? Heck yea they can.  Wiley was beside himself, this was his 2nd wedding to be in.  He was in Hunter's sister Amanda's wedding two years ago, but this time, he was to wear a tux.  He was so proud and told everyone we saw that he got to wear a coat and tie for the first time.

The Bride and Alice at her Monogram Shower

By the time we made it to the reception, I had one tired baby girl.  I didn't even take my camera in.  Tara has posted some of her wedding on her blog so check out the pictures HERE 
Thank you Tara and Hunter for asking our children to be apart of such a special day.  We wish y'all many years of happiness!


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Tara Brooke said...

LOVE!!!!!!! We had the CUTEST little people in our wedding! We love y'all so much!