Time with friends

I love spending time with friends, friends from all over!  Whether painting, tailgating, emailing, texting or talking on the phone.  Wait...is that all forms of communication?!!!  I think it is!!
Robin has a guy that he buys chemicals from for work that gives me tickets every year to a Alabama game.  I am very thankful, but a little disgruntled that he will not go with me.  Seriously Robby Rob, you may be an Auburn fan, but you still could go with your wife---fan or no fan! pssssh please, when hell freezes over!!  With that being said I invited my friend Haley, aka Gaw-Gaw to my kids.  We met up with some Selma friends and tailgated a bit before the game.

We also celebrated birthdays in September with these sweet girls.  My Mom came and stepped us through painting a scarecrow door hanger! It was so much fun, we ate and painted!!

I am sorry of the quality, these are iPhone pictures because our camera was locked in our safe for sometime.  Living not at home was a struggle!!!

I love Whitney and Beth!  We stopped from serving pizza to take a picture.

Wiley and Claire at Anne Frances' 7th Birthday Party

Milton, Wiley and Walter
If you know me, you know that I very seldom meet a stranger.  My friends Beth and Haley say that I know everybody.  On a normal day I do not pass a car that I don't know who is driving or wave to and that goes for the jip joint or grocery store. 
Back a few months ago I stumbled across this BLOG.  I have no idea how I found it, but was drawn to it.  I commented on a post and she replied.  I remember I went to visit my sister in Birmingham and told her I wanted to go to Home Depot for a starburst mirror that I saw a girl post about.  Well it was Katie.  I bought the mirror that now hangs over our bed and Lea bought one too that is in her den.  To make a long story short, Katie and I started emailing.  Then started emailing a LOT, then we started texting some, well now we talk on the phone!  A day usually doesn't get bye us that we don't say HEY in some form or fashion.  Our husbands thought it was a little strange to say the least at first, but now they think its kinda normal!  We are so much alike, that it is w.e.i.r.d.  I love this girl and can't wait to meet her in "real life", hopefully after tax and turkey season! Even the husband says yes to a trip to S.C. because we have never been. 
Here she is, maybe next time I post a picture of Katie I will be beside her!!
We are so thankful for all of our friends.  Especially over the last few months.  Things are almost back to normal here! 
"A friend can tell you things you can't tell yourself"


Ford Family said...

Glad to call you a friend! ; )

April said...

I second what Shea said. :)

Katie said...

I'll never look at that starburst mirror the same again! I'm so glad that you don't meet a stranger and I'm SO VERY glad that I can call you a friend.....even if you're so far away that I can't reach out and give you a hug or share a glass of wine on your porch or mine!

Gail@Sophisticated Steps said...

It's something guys don't really "get". I met one of my blog friends and its so fun to be able to call her an "in real life friend". ;) Hope you get that chance, too!