The Public Library

Wiley Boy and I usually hang out every.single.Friday. afternoon! A late lunch is always his choice~ Sonic, Taco Bell or El Ranchero.  A stroll to Carter's drugstore for a inexpensive treat or toy and maybe a candle for me! The Friday before Thanksgiving we decided we would walk over to the Library and spend some time before we picked baby up.  We played with blocks and he mastered building a Church and lastly we read a Thanksgiving book.

A few months ago, my friend Lauren, recommended that we check out The Magic Treehouse series.  Her little boy Teddy is a year older than Wiley and loves for her to read him a few chapters at night.  She knew we would love it too!  We checked out two books and Robin and I have been reading Midnight on the Moon and if I do say so, it is a great book!

Headed up to the Children's section

We had to check out the hamsters!

I asked him what he was building and his response "A Church" with a steeple and all!

His books~ We finished Midnight on the Moon today!
 AND, did you know that you have to be SIX years old to have a library card? Wiley was a little sad that he didn't get a library card, but I let him use mine.  I definitely know what we will be doing in just a little over 2 months.


Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Hi! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Okay...my two boys love, LOVE the entire Magic Treehouse series. They have both read almost every single one of them. My oldest is 5th grade and Preston, my 1st grader has been eating them up since last year. He was an early reader and these books were great to challenge him and keep him interested in reading. He'd read an entire book in a day or two.

Hopefully Wiley will enjoy them, too! I love that they're fiction mixed with actual history. They learn so much and expand their imaginations, too.

I'm sure you're not ready for his 6th bday...but Wiley's probably counting the days! Can't they just stay little? Preston hasn't lost a single tooth yet...and secretly I'm so happy! ;)

Kristen said...

The children's dept. at the library is just the same as I remember it! I've been wanting to take Foster lately, but haven't yet because he would probably just clean off the shelves!

Caroline Bobo said...

Wiley is the cutest little boy! So sweet!! Glad ya'll have fun together :)