Ohh Wee, a toothbrush & 18 months!

Alice loves to lay on her changing table while I am folding her clothes OR trying to change her diaper!  She lays her head down and says ohhh weee!!  What a great and fun age but exhausting for us.  She is all over the place and doesn't slow down.  Going out to eat is WILD interesting.  Sis is content for about 20 minutes and then it is total chaos! We all scarf our food down, Robin is trying to clean the floor where half of her food goes, he pays and I shove a little more food down and we run out the door.  Needless to say when we get in the car we both look at each other and gasp :)  We often say that we don't remember brother bear being so opinionated but she is a girl!!

This was back when her poor little nose was injured!

Y-Y loves to brush her teeth and he thinks it is even funnier when she bites the mess out of him!
Her teeth all clean

I took Alice for her 18 month check up on Friday! She had a great report and only had to get one shot, Hep A~ YY went along and got his flu shot and he was a.n.g.r.y.  but was more upset that his sister cried when she got her shot! Such a sweet brother.

Alice 18 month stats:

Height:  33"
Weight:  26 pounds
Head:  18 1/2

Loves outside and loves to ride the lawnmower with her PawPaw at daycare
Looks for and calls for YY every.single.morning and beats on his door to wake him up
She loves to cuddle with him in the mornings before we head out the door
She is VERY attached to me-We like to say she is a CLINGER (but I love it)
When she hears the front door open she calls daaddee daddy
She is still a pretty good eater-she will eat about anything you put in front of her
L.O.V.E.S. to read and loves any type of animal
Her favorite cartoon is Olivia and she even walks like Olivia (tippy toes) if you tell her to

Happy 18 months to you sister bear! We love you to Jupiter and back!!!


Rayne said...

Precious pictures! Love the brushing!

April said...

Baby girl's smile is such a ray of sunshine. Love how sweet and protective Wiley is with her. He handles the big brother role like a champ. :)

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

That is so cute that he is sweet with her! So great that you write down all these little updates and funny things. You'll be so glad later on.

Such cute pics! What an adorable smile!!! :) Made ME smile! (It's contagious!)