A Turkey and Buddy's

Robin has a new hunting buddy and his name is Wiley! This is the first year that our son is really asked to go hunting.  I knew the time would come, but not this soon, that he would want to go with Daddy instead of hanging out with me! Talk about making a Momma sad :( Daddy hunts about 20 minutes from our house and after lunch we meet halfway at Old Cahawba for the swap! 

The first picture Wiley said "Dad lets be cool and turn our hats around" and the second Dad talked him into just one more picture!

While these two went to the woods, my friend Mary Alise and her baby Lily came over.  Mary Alise and I have been great friends since we were in grammar school.  I had my first Alabama game experience with her and her sweet Daddy (3rd grade).  From spend the night parties, to Church functions and graduating High School together we have been great friends!  I wish I had more than one picture of our babies together, we didn't even think to get one of them Halloween night trick or treating!  I look forward to many more visits!

Lastly, Wiley had to disguise a turkey so he wouldn't get eaten this Thanksgiving! Can you guess what he and Dad disguised him as?

 You guessed it, a COWBOY!

Have a super week!


Ford Family said...

Love that Wiley wanted a cool shot! ;)

April said...

That little arm around his daddy's neck is too sweet! I love it when my guys (and my girl too - she went with C a couple of times last year) gear up in their camo and head to the woods. It's quality time with daddy and momma gets a little breather. ;)

Kristen said...

Such a cute picture of Wiley and his Daddy! Wood can't wait to take Foster hunting one day!