Olivia Goes to the Farm {Part III}

Wrapping up her party with some pictures of her friends that shared her big day with her.

She loved this spot 

Playing with Anna Henri and Olivia

Sipping on a "cold drink"

I caught Daddy stealing a kiss

Wiley boy was my face painter and he did a fine job

Look who is climbing through the fence!

Sweet friends Kylie and Maggie

Blowing out her candles

Sharing with Ryder

Singing Happy Birthday

Still singing Happy Birthday


Stats and Words

She had a great 2 year check-up.  We talked about the concern I have of her being so clingy and attached to me.  Basically after 20 minutes of discussion he told me that she has me a bit fooled.  Who knew???!!!  Robin and our babysitter remind me all the time that I did it and I wanted her to be like this ;)

He then did a FULL check up and when he looked in her mouth noticed it was red.  He wanted to do a strep test and guess what?!  It was positive.  We had no idea other than she was a little cranky and wouldn't drink all that great. Other than that set back she is healthy as a horse.

Height:  35 inches 80 percentile
Weight:  29 lbs. 80 percentile
Head:  47 cm 50 percentile

Her words, well I can't begin to type them all.  She says anything and everything and understands completely what is said to her.  Her favorites:  "I got it" and "Thank You" at the right time.
"See you tomorrow" is another favorite.
She knows who belongs to who, meaning:  She will go down the list of households.
"Nana, Paw Paw, Cole Cole(deceased), Buddy and Lilly" "Mimi, Papa, RooRoo (Rudy) and COW-moooo" and so on, even down to the kids at daycare and their parents.
She is a smart baby girl and we are so proud!!

She is attached to me and her pink elephant and loves her pink blanky too!
Just some kinks we are working out with her sleeping.  The past four weeks she has been waking up.  At first she was climbing out of her bed like a squirrel.  This was hard for us to accept because Wiley was in his baby bed until almost 4 and never climbed out.  We took the rail off of one side and she is still coming in our room at night.  She wants Daddy out and for it to just me the two of us. She still sleeps a good 12 hours so I can't complain and one long 3 hour nap!!  A big bed is in the works for her, but is in the shop and then being painted.  Hopefully that is all she wants is to be in a big bed like the rest of us.  I remind Daddy, who wants his bed back full time that she will be grown before we know it and its just temporary.

xoxo to our Alice Taylor


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Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Helloooooo, there!
I have lots of catching up to do over here! (How are you?)

She is sooo, so cute. Loved seeing all her adorable pics.

I never had a little one in our bed, but I did have a climber. Had to put one of those crib canopy tents. Lifesaver...until he learned how to unzip it. Ha! Then I had to put a rubber band tie thingy on it.

Hope you are well! Off to bed, but wanted to say "hi"!