Alice's Birthday Part I

I am going to do baby's birthday in a few parts because it is too much for one big one! 

I love to plan a birthday party.  I get this from my friend Angie who had a baby exactly 10 years before Alice to the date.  I always thought she was a bit insane, mainly because she would buy things 9 months before the party.  I get it now! 

Her favorite cartoon is Olivia and has been since she was about 9 months old.  She would walk on her tippy toes just like Olivia would when she could barely even walk.  She calls her YA.  As far as the animal theme went, the girl loves a horse and a cow.  We debated on whether to have it at my Aunt and Uncles or Robin's parents.  One has cows and one has horses.  Horses won!

Now here are just a few pictures.  I went with the colors red and turquoise.  Love these two colors together.  I found a girl on etsy that did our invitations and place cards and had them printed locally.  Easy and cheap!  Genett Bullard made her cake and I made the cupcakes and the rest of the food.

The utensils were red and the napkins were turquoise and I wrapped them in strips of burlap.  I served carrots in the little striped cups (etsy find) with ranch dressing.  My cupcakes were red/turquoise cake and they were delish!  We had hot dogs that we cut in half (thanks to Kristen for that idea) and nacho and cool ranch Doritos. The plates were the aluminum pie tins. 

Photography~for f.r.e.e. :  My friend Kristen (Thank you BIG)
Her Birthday outfit:  etsy 
Invitations:  etsy


Jana Garner said...

Super cute in every detail! So not surprised - that's the way you roll. Looking forward to seeing Part II.

April said...

Blows.my.mind. I am NOT a party planner. Love all of it. You did a great job!

Ford Family said...

Precious in every way!

Courtney Ellison said...

How cute!! Where did you find that bubble gum machine?? I have found a few but all the ones I found were way over 100 bucks!