Mother's Day Luncheon with Wiley

Wiley's class had a mother's day luncheon for us.  It was perfect, I mean perfect!  Wiley served me my food, every course and kept whispering in my ear that he had been waiting on this day a long time.  Goodness I eat HIM UP!!!!  He made my gift, which of course was extra special.  He painted me a bag with a sailboat on it.  He knows that is my favorite thing he draws (thoughtful little buddy) and a journal.  Every page had a picture and a story that went along with it, one was that I weighed 10 pounds ;)

Me and Wiley, Beth and Anne Frances, Meredith and Claire

 So thankful for my sweet Wiley and the Mother's Day he made so memorable!! 

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Ford Family said...

Such a pretty pic of the 2 of you!!!