Olivia Goes to the Farm {Part II}

This party was so fun and everything turned out just the way I wanted.  Months of planning and prepartion paid off!  We will never forget the look on Alice's face when she arrived.   

Alice has several Olivia books and I bought this particualar one for her guests to sign and write her a little note in.  She will love reading this when she gets older.

Carrots with Ranch Dressing 

So glad my Aunt Jean thought to put this table in the middle of the barn.  There was a nice breeze coming through, my Wild Man plopped down here later! 

Foster's favorite was the pick up ducks, or should I say just the water.

Animal Crackers in a little barn box to take home

Would you look at our baby girl's face.  Nothing put pure excitment and happiness at her 2nd Birthday Party!  We love you Sissy!

Part III is coming up, a few more pictures and singing Happy Birthday to you.

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Rayne said...

I am so sad we missed it! I seriously want you to help me plan for Lane when I finally do a big bday party, you have a gift!!!