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The past two months are kinda a blur.  I have been running loco!  Just to share a few pictures before I dive into Alice's 2nd Birthday, her stats and what she is up to and Wiley boy's Kindergarten graduation.

My cat at my parents passed away at the 1st of May and it has made us all so very sad.  Especially since the last few days baby Alice will.not.stop. calling for him!  It is bizarre to say the least.  Not going into details, other than the fact he was 20 and I am so thankful I got to spend the last few days of his life snootering on him and kissing on him.  I was looking through some pictures from April and found some of Alice and Cole Cole.  Made me start crying...duh...what do ya expect, right?!! 

I remember the day my Daddy brought him when I was 12 years old.  Daddy was eating a hot dog on the side of the road and Cole (kitten) climbed up in his telephone truck.  Daddy shared his hot dog with him and that was the beginning of our love for Cole Cole!

Now for some funny pictures of Alice and her friend Foster.  His momma has been a friend of mine for a coon's age now and came over for coffee one morning.  These two couldn't get enough of each other! 

Gotta run..It is 10:20 and I have a lot I promised myself to do!! 


Ford Family said...

Been missing all of your post! So sorry about you cat! :( Can't wait to see what you post next...exciting! :)

The C's said...

Sorry about Cole Cole!! Can you tell me what "snootering" means? Ha -- I have never heard that before!

April said...

Those are two cutie patooties.

So sad about Cole. :( Goodness that was a long time to have a cat.

Can't wait for the next update!