The Zoo & Cupcakes

Last Saturday week, Robin and I thought it was a perfect day to take the kids to the zoo.  Baby took her usual morning nap and extended it a bit to 3 1/2 hours so when she woke up, she was r.e.a.d.y.  I had all our bags packed, snacks and all!  What a glorious day it was, nice and warm!! 

Alice and Wiley loved every animal this year.  Well not every animal.  My Wiley boy has been having bad dreams the past 6 months about dog gone alligators.  That silly show the hubby watches, Swamp People and the Alligator hunts on our Alabama River doesn't help the matter.  So when we came up on the gator, he stood way back and had lots of questions for his Daddy. The Montgomery Zoo is getting a sky park lift and we were hoping it was ready, but sadly not :(  We skipped out on the train ride because the line was ridiculous and the kids didn't mind, instead we opted for a cupcake treat afterwards.  Win-Win, right?!

Our little tour guide

She is something else

One of my favorite pictures.  She has her peep hole and he is on tippy toes


We had a blast at the zoo, but cupcakes were in order!

Wiley had a chocolate cupcake, Alice had Birthday Cake and Robin had Strawberry Lemonade.  Me, I had the St. Patrick's Day cupcake and you see, there is NO picture of mine---that's because I devoured it before I took a picture. 

Lastly, Day 2 of the Green Smoothie Challenge.  It is delish, but hubby and Wild Man thinks it looks like vomit.  Baby shared it with me tonight, that's my girl! Then me and the kids headed out for my run while Daddy kicked his feet up.

I'll be back with some more fun happenings in our Fam!

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Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

That pic of her in the sunglasses is adorable. What a sweet girl. Poor Wiley and his bad dreams! :( Looks like they had a fun day, though. How cold a kid not love the zoo? (For the most part!)