Wiley's "Camping" Birthday Party

My friend Jana and I had our boys Birthday parties together this year.  I had the best time planning too.  For months I had put my thoughts together and ya know, I and I think Jana work better under a little stress and last minute planning.  The night before the party I made place cards for the food, made the Smores on  a stick and put bugs in a jar.  Jana and I were planning on leaving around 12 ish but we were both so anxious about "our" time and decorating we headed out at 11:00.  The party was at her Parents house in Perry County.  When I say it is unbelievable, that is an understatement.  The view from their back porch is breathtaking and the outside bed/swing would be calling my name every weekend.  We stopped at a little Country Store and grabbed a gourmet sandwich and headed to the Roast to scarf down eat our lunch and start decorating.  I blew up the helium balloons while J did a lot of other things.  I put glow sticks in the balloons for the mailbox (pretty cool)

I am about to have a picture overload.  Oh--forgot to add that this Winter in Alabama has been so weird.  We have gas heat and normally my power bill is cheap in the Winter and Gas is high, well not the case this year.  I think I have ran my air conditioner most everyday.  The day of the party was so dog gone cold...It was freeeezing and the wind was 20-30 mph.  WHOA baby!  We still had a fun time ;)

My parents were there of course along with my grandmother and my brother in law Paul always always comes and brings my niece and nephew, Lea had to work (tax season) and just could not break away.  My Mom said it could have been 20 below 0 and she still would have come!  Robin took baby home and my parents took Wiley, that way Jana and I could have some down time and could clean! This party came together and everything turned out just as I have envisioned...perfecto!!


The Sewell Family said...

Love it all!! You should start a party planning business. I want that porch swing!!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

What a cute party! Great location. Crazy about that weather, though! Good grief! Glad it was a fun day. :)