Question and Answer

My friend Kristen at Joy in the Journey tagged me in her last post.  She did a question and answer post that I loved and got to know some things that I did not know about her, so that was fun. 

My camera, for some stupid, yes STUPID reason will not let me upload my pictures to my computer. Boo HISS! So I attempted to get my pictures off of my memory card on a disc at Wal-Mart Friday and of course the s.t.u.p.i.d. machine wouldn't work.  So I will have to figure out plan B.

Here I go:

1. You've been forced to give up all but one item of makeup. What is the ONE thing you have to keep?  I there was one thing in my make-up bag that I could not live without it would most definitely have to be my lip gloss/lipstick.  I can so pull of not wearing make-up as long as my lips are painted!
2.  What is your favorite online store to shop? I am loving ETSY these days.  You can find anything, my latest purchase was Alice's adorable car seat cover.
3. What book are you currently reading? Read what? A book? I do not read, I know bad...very bad. I hate it in fact, would rather fold clothes and you know I do not like to do that. But am encouraging my son to love it!  I purchased The Help at the beginning of last summer and read 3 chapters and then watched the Movie. ha! I am a magazine kinda gal ;)
4. What is your favorite vacation spot? Well I am dying to go tropical with my Hubby, we have never done that together.  I love San Fransisco and I love the beach. The mountains is fun too.  I guess if I had to pick one, it is the Coast!
5. If you could go back and choose a different career path what would it be? Nursing, for sure.  I always said that I was going to Nursing school after graduating  H.S., never did :(  When she was 4 weeks old I enrolled...for 3 days.  Should have know when the lady at registration asked if I had my baby yet, dang her...in fact I had already lost 36 pounds.  I was a big un!  It was the worst three days of my life, not really. I had a newborn and was not emotionally ready after having my guts cut open and caring for a 4 year old and newborn.  I quit! So teeth making it is.
6. Do you have any hidden talent or something you are good at? Sewing, I am making baby's Easter dress as we speak and will put away this computer and finish up.  Oh and I love to dig in the dirt and plant!
7. What is playing on your ipod right now? The Fresh Beat Band--Hello we are going to the concert next month and Wiley and I are BESIDE ourselves!!!!
8. List the places that you have visited from around the world. San Francisco, Indiana (with Beth), and all of our neighboring states.  Mexico and the Florida Keys.  I have never been over seas. I am terrified of flying.  However I would love to go on a Mission Trip, possibly next summer!
9. What is your favorite clothing store?  For me or my kids? ha!  I love Target--I know bad--psst really Ann Taylor Loft is always a great place to find some great pieces.
10. What goals do you have for the next 5 years? To continue to raise my children to love the Lord, grow my own walk with the Lord, continue to become a healthier person-eating and physically. (ya know that's tough) and to be the best wife I can be to Robin!

That was fun! I am being called by one cute 6 year old to come have a marshmallow he roasted. Have a super week! xo


April said...

If I didn't know any better I would think I had written this about myself. I didn't realize we had so much in common. Well, except the sewing part... NOOOOOOO!!! :) This was fun to read. Let's plan a playdate soon.

Ford Family said...

Call me when yall plan this date! ; ) xoxo!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Glad you did this...oh, and "hi!" ;) Love learning some new things. And what's up with the stupid camera? Ha !

Kea, Lee, and Kylie said...

just want you to know, my most favorite thing about this post is your use of the phrase "big un"! Ha!! Still laughing, so thank you. And you look great by the way!