We are still here

So sorry for my hiatus, we have been busy! Life ya know?!  It blows my mind that it is almost April.  I am way behind on what our family has been up to.  If you ask my Mom what I have been up to she would so, oh she is up to about 5'7", ha! 

Up first is Sissy.  She is a pistol these days and is very verbal!  She and Wild Man still get along great and play so well together.  I love that I can just open my back door and outside they both go.  Now, she will not go out without him and gets a bit freaked out when he is not in her sight.

Get up YY ( waking him in the mornings)
Puts her finger over her lips and says..shhhh hush YY sleeping
Thank you and Bye Bye and the the persons name
Shew bug SHEW
Side for Outside
Loves a ball and goes to the shed and wants a baseball glove to put on and ball (future ball player)
Swing and says two meaning she wants you to count to two and then swing her high!
She repeats everything
Loves puzzles
Loves her babies and baby bed
Loving Olivia still (the pig)
LOVES Elmo now ( MO)
Loves Church and her Sue Sue at Church (Sudie) and Anna Henri

We celebrated my best friend Beth's youngest little girl's 1st Birthday.  She had a Winter ONEderland Party and it was adorable.  We had a wonderful sit down dinner with close friends.  That precious baby has been through it her first year.  I am so proud of the little girl she is and how far she has come.  We love you Milly!

Happy 1st Birthday Milly

Next post will be my Wiley boy turning 6 and everything in between.  We have had the best 2012 so far.  So busy and so many fun things going on! I'll be back, sooner or later ;)


April said...

So glad you're back. Love the picture of you and baby girl - SO good! Looking forward to the next post. ;)

Ford Family said...

I've been missing you sweet friend! Love this post--but you know, I kinda already saw the pics! heehee! ; ) Hope you are dong good--must catch up soon! xoxo!

The Sewell Family said...

Alice never disappoints! Adorable as ever!