a little bit of this...

and a WHOLE lot of reading, bike riding, and Alice playing in her favorite place...Wiley's room!  Alice loves to read and so does Wiley, they must get that from their Daddy!!!!  Alice's favorites are anything by Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle--She loves them all, but her FAV is Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?  Great book because Wild Man can read them to her!! Whoa WAIT--I forgot our baby girl is walking--She started the week before we headed South for the Shore!!!  YAY Sis

Walking and Reading! Skills :)

Wiley has finally mastered his "tight" turning skills on the bike.  He has been riding without training wheels since about May but turning in tight spaces, not so much--But thanks to "Patient Dad" he mastered it! Hooty Hoo Wild Man!!!

Alice likes to be under the island! She gets under there and will sit for a bit and then yell scream at the top of her lungs for help! Here she is :)

and last but not least~ When it is very quiet on our end of the house we know one thing is for sure, they are playing in the back! Here is Alice sitting in Wiley's chair watching him play the wii, and then another playing with his "knight gear"!! We are so thankful he is so sweet to her and doesn't mind one bit her messing with his things~ ~ xxoo's kiddos!

---On last thing for tonight!  A few things they have been saying/doing: 

Wiley: MOM "Here we Go" Fresh Beat Band! Boo Boo and I love this song and dance everytime it comes on!
"I could eat 76 flies in the blink of an eye"  What did you say Wiley??--he repeated! Have no idea where that came from!! Thought it was too cute!!!
"Mom--Sis looks like a oppossum laying in the road after being hit " Alice Taylor was laying out in the road crying b/c Wiley had rode off on his bike without her!

Alice Taylor:  "cheese" for the camera! "yum yum" she has a great DaddddyDadddyDadddy chant she gets to yelling..."Y Y" for Wiley. Wiley's buddy Sam has called him YY since they were babies so I thought it was cute when WDK taught Alice that!! "book" and "deer"--Deer was her 1st word, imagine that! until next time--agnus


April said...

He seems like such a sweet big brother! And shouldn't you have just named baby girl "Robinette?" Ha! I know I've said it before but goodness gracious. :)

Angie said...

Thanks A! He is such a sweet big brother and so helpful,sometimes I feel like the Duggar Mom b/c he is helping me/us with her so much!! She is DEF her Daddy--I threaten to change her name :-)