4th of JULY WEEKEND...


What a fun and eventful weekend we had here! Much better than the last one where the whole family, except Robin was SICK!  That was the 1st time that Wildman had been sick since I was pregnant with Alice Taylor and boy was he sick~That fever stuff kicked him hard!

Two of our greatest friends invited us to come to her parents house for a BIG cookout, lots of laughs and swimming!  So off to Maplesville, AL. we go~ It was the 1st time that we met Tara Brooke's family and we couldn't have felt more at home! They treated us like family and did I mention that her Uncle MAL can GRILL?? Robin and I ate until we made ourselves sick!!  We had to best time and Wiley of course doesn't meet a stranger and became best buds with BRETT!  He is 18 and was so sweet to Wiley, they swam and taught each other tricks....and of course Wiley's best trick is the PABLO--I think he got this name from the cutest cartoon, The backyardigans!!
This is the PABLO
my favorite PIC--Thanks for getting this one Tara!

Wiley had several different ways he went down this slide--Upside down/backwards was one...YIKES!!!

Hunter, Wildman, and Brett

On Sunday Wiley went to the river (aka muddy ditch) with Mary Katherine...these two play so well together and that little girl is NOT afraid of anything! Robin and I joined them later that afternoon!  We had such a great time and so did the kiddos!  Wiley and MK wanted to do nothing but TUBE--There little hand motions cracked us up...They would move their hand like a snake because the wanted Todd to go side to side and sling them all over the Alabama River.  Made this Momma a nervous wreck-to see my five year old in a tube behind a boat in a muddy ditch FULL of gators--eeek!  Todd and Angie's oldest little girl Morgan was at the beach, we missed her! Angie and I have been friends for a coon's age and I remember like yesterday being there when Morgan was born May 3, 2000.  I say this date because exactly 10 years later I had Alice Taylor on the exact same day--how cool is that?!?!?!!  Here are few pictures from our 1st River Trip of the Summer!
I am so glad I packed this boy a PBJ!! He was starving like Marvin and scarfed if down!!

Ummm YEP, that is Mary Katherine standing up with her hands in the air and Wiley holding on for dear LIFE!

I think Selma is a neat place, especially downtown! I love all the old buildings and slowly but surely they are getting fixed up!  I love this picture of the Edmund Pettus Bridge and the picture of the old buildings that have kudzo growing all over them!! 

We stopped the boat just on the other side of the bridge to take a dip and the difference in the water temperature from there and "the sandbar" WHOA--It felt great/cool by the bridge!! I know it is so gross and gators and snakes everywhere, but we were hot and we had to check on the munckins!

On Monday the 4th of July, Robin got up and went straight outside to "detail" his truck! When I say detail, I mean you can eat off the hood of the truck it is so clean!  5 hours later, I am not kidding you, I snuck a picture of him finishing it off!  He came in, showered and him and Wiley went to get fireworks--While gone it started flooding, the bottom of the sky fell out and all I could think was I hope they took my car intstead of that truck---WRONG, they were in the truck! He got home and said.."Well it has road film on it now" I really did feel sorry for him! He is a little no MAJOR o.c.d. over that truck..I am not allowed to even back it out of the driveway~I know crazy!! While he was busy detailing Wiley and I made a little, well sorta healthy snack! A friend made these and posted them and I knew we would love them and better yet I had everything to make them!!  They were so yummy and gone by that night!!  My parents came over for the annual Belden Blvd. firework show, along with Jason, Ivie, and Bella! Wiley didn't want to go to the "big show", he said his were way better and bigger!!  I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend, because I know we sure did!!
It looks like a mirror, right?!!! 

This is Drake---He will be 11 this month!  We got him the summer before we married!  I love this dog so much~He really is the sweetest dog I have ever had!! and.... Wiley doing what he loves--swinging!!

Wiley is so proud of his fireworks, he has hoarded a collection of used roman candles!

Alice is in bed by 7:00 but I wanted to keep her up to watch!  She loved them for the 1st 10 minutes and then she was ready for bed! Bathed her, bottle, and bed! She was out like a light!!!
This little fellow wasn't far behind her!

Just before Robin got called out to work that night, we finished off these!!  YUMMO!!! Thanks Kristen :)

As I end this post tonight, I am so thankful that we live in One Nation Under GOD!

~love Angie

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Happy 4th, King family! Love your blog title..mrs creative! ; ) Can't wait to read more!